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    I'm in the NYC metro area (north NJ) and I just got this text message this afternoon at 1pm:
    Free T-Mobile Msg: Important upgrade now available for your Treo600. Improves performance & reliability. Download today via PC at

    Looks like they really want me to upgrade. I got an unbranded Treo 600 originally when the Treo600 upgrade program from Handspring became available from Handspring for T-Mobile specifically.

    Any point to me upgrading? I'm just worried about getting my phone locked to T-Mobile. I want to be able to use any SIM.

    Anyone update? Anything to report? Anyone else get this message?
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    Hmm I got one also. I am also worried about whether I can use any other SIM in the future. I posted in the Hardware Treo 600 forum to see if people have had any concerns.
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    I am not too familiar with unlocking... but why don't you upgrade and then try unlocking again.

    Isn't it simply a code you enter or is it software based?
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    I received one too, today. Upgrading is always a concern as it can go the other way. I believe that has a procedure to revert you back to previous version if things does not work or you simply did not get what you want from the update.
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    I got an email from Palmone and a text message from T-Mo. I have an unbranded Treo and have already upgraded my firmware to 3.04, unbeknownst to Catherine Zeta-Jones and her minions. The T-Mo update supposedily provides better data connectivity, web-graphic rendering and audio-quality reliability. If anyone with 3.04 tried the T-Mo update, I'd be interested to know how it went. I will assume that I'm better off with 3.04.
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    I got the same message, had already done the 3.04 upgrade, but decided to upgrade anyway. So I did it all, following the T-Mob instructions, and it went the way it was supposed to. So when all is done, I go to phone info, and it says....3.04. Strange. No more updates for me for now.
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    I got the same message, but I had already upgraded to the Other Carriers version of 3.05. I'm not sure why (other that TMobile startup and shutdown screens) I want to try the TMobile version and risk locking my phone.
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    i got the txt msg 2 days ago. not going to upgrade tmo firmware as I bought the phone directly from PalmOne and paid for the unlocked / unbranded phone. dunno why i would bother to upgrade to TMO firmware.
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    What T-Mo startup and shutdown screens? I don't see any!
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    I too got the TMobile SMS, when I was up in the Chicago area. But I had already updated with the Mac version of the TMobile upgrade from Handspring's site.

    I don't really notice any TMobile branding. My provider in the phone app is still "VStream", since my SIM card is so old.
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