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    New AT&T commercials claim their GSM network provides better coverage etc. compared to traditional networks. In my area (Baltimore, Md) Verizon seems to be the best. I'm currently stuck with AT&T for a few more months and have been waiting for Verizon to offer the Treo 600. Any thoughts on waiting for Verizon or would AT&T's GSM prove to be as reliable?
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    I called them about this. Basically, they've teamed with Cingular and Tmo so if you go with their new plan and you roam onto one of the other two networks, you won't pay roaming fees for voice or data.

    Since all I ever see is ATT or Cingular, it works for me. Of course, I still pay $19.99 for only 8M of data even though the other two networks charge the same for unlimited even though I'm on the same network. Lovely... Can't wait to see what comes out of the merger. I'm hoping for a cheaper unlimited data plan just like everyone else has. Hey, I can dream...

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