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    I have a CNG branded phone with the new firmware upgrade in use on TMO's network. Would it make it any difference if I use tokenwriter and switched the firmware upgrade to TMO?
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    yeah, i have a t600 bought through cingular now on the tmobile network. it's 1.06-CNG hardware b. anybody have an idea what updater i should use--tmobile or cingular? i just looked through the discussion groups and didn't find a clear answer.

    thanks in advance!
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    I would go ahead and use the firmware for your current carrier, no matter who the phone was originally branded to.

    From what I've read here and elsewhere there are no significant carrier specific differences in the firmwares that may affect the phones performance. No one has shown that carrier specific firmware works better than non-carrier specific on whatever network. Main differences are carrier logos, and possibly an extra app or two like ATTs business connect phone app that takes you to the business website. So, it really doesn't matter, but might as well have the firmware/software that your carrier recommends.

    I have original ATT branded phone using on Cingular with 3.05/1.12 CNG firmware. Just use token writer to change carrier code otherwise the updater for a firmware other than what your phone is branded to won't work.

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