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    I have a brand new GSM Treo. It came with a tel number assigned to it, but the number no longer exists. Is there a way to search the ESN number and see if someone else can activate the phone?

    I want to get rid of the phone, but I need to make sure someone else can activate it. The phone was given to my company for a trial and the provider does not want it back.

    Any ideas???
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    The GSM telephone number is tied to the SIM card, not the handset. If the handset is unlocked, anyone with a valid SIM card should be able to use it. If it is locked to the carrier, then anyone with a SIM card from that carrier should be able to use the handset.
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    So if I sell this phone on ebay as an AT&T GSM Treo, which it is, anyone should be able to activate it on ATT's network- correct? Please advise.

    I just don't want to screw anybody, that's all.

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    I am assumming that with the SIM card in it, they can activate it with AT&T.
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    Does a current AT&T SIM card work in it? If so, go right ahead and advertise it as an AT&T GSM Treo600. If they have an AT&T SIM card also, it should work fine.

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