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    I am buying an unlocked GSM Treo 600 to use with the Dobson Cellular One Network in my local area of KY. My local store of course does not sell Treo's. They said I could try one of their SIM cards in my phone and see if it works. Is it this easy or would I need to down load some software or firmware as you call it?

    If I ever need to download upgraded software or firmware which version do I need to download, cingular, or T-mobil, etc?


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    You should be able to install the Internation version of firmware. This would make the Treo pretty generic with no specific carrier logo's etc.

    Using a GSM phone should not be an issue as Dobson has a roaming agreeement with Cingular.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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