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    Well, i nervously updated my treo last night. I had to reinstall a few apps, but I lost my MEMOS! Also after the last sync, My whole calendar was gone, so be careful that you have your desktop oversite the handheld. All in all everything was o.k. I bought toysoft's PAR for a recorder and it worked perfectly with very good clarity and saving to directly to the SD card. Good luck to everyone else on the upgrade.
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    I am attempting to load the update, but it is requiring me to plug my phone into the charger. However, if I do that, I can't connet it to the USB......any advice?
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    Look at your USB cable you should be able to daisy chain the power supply off it.
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    Is there any reason to update with the official version if I already have the generic CROW 1.12 installed?
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    I used syncall then applied the patch... hotsync and all was absolutely as it should be.
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