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    I'm on Cingular, and I've got their unlimted data package. I download data relatively quickly, both email (w/attachments) and with the web browser, but it takes FOREVER for me to send attachments. I've thought, maybe they restrict upchannel transfer? Is this possible? Often the attachments don't go out at all; looking at the email log, the server times out. I don't think it could be the update...And I know it's not my servers, because I've tried with Cingular's servers, with Earthlink's server, and with mine.

    I'm wondering if anyone has had any problems like this....?

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    Well last time I up graded my phone was with the t-mo updater, after that e-mail was still fine. I am using snapper mail and have tried use the default e-mail app, and it still goes slow. Its kind of annoying if they keep changing the speeds of service.
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    The speed of service does depend upon local conditions and also a service level metric in the wireless industry knon as QoS - or Quality of Service. Basically the network can dial up or down the available GPRS bandwidth at any given time based on their need to balance voice and data traffic. e.g. near busy highways or public event arenas, the voice channels my be optimized at rush-hour or during events. Even though your phone is capable of GPRS Class 10 they may only deliver you 1 in and 1 outbound channel of data @ max 12kbps per channel. In the same spot later in the day, you may get full class 10 speed.

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