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    I'm lost right now with the new software that has been released by PalmOne. I have an unlocked GSM phone, but am using T-Mobile service. Should I download the international software or wait for the T-Mobile Specific??
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    I loaded the international update to my T-Mo Treo about 10 days ago and have had no problems with it at all. I followed all the directions step by step and my total time to update was about 20 minutes.
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    After trying to install the (Other North America) update, my phone goes into a continual loop. What is going on??
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    You need to install the updater for the same version/provider you were holding. I bought an unlocked T600 from Cingular last year and use it on T-Mobile. The Software was 1.06 CNG and the Firmware was 2. something. I downloaded the Cingular updater and it ran flawlessly in about 15 minutes. Now Software reads 1.12CNG and Firmware is 3.05
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    I dont have a definite provider. I have a general GSM phone that never belonged to a specific provider.
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    I have an unlocked cingular gsm, w/ tmobile. The cingular upgrade worked fine. No probs yet
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    I've tried to install the CIngular version...the same loop has been occuring...what could be the problem? I'm thinking that any of these updates should work bc I have an unlocked phone straight from has never been locked to a service.

    Still looking for an answer......
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    i don't know if this will work, i have a cingular phone and got a continuous loop from the cingular upgrade. i deleted phone prc. from the backup file and it started to work right away.
    morris stalk
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    How do i delete that phone prc file... i'm getting the continous loop as well...its work giving it a try

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