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    ANy users from So Ca can confirm it for me? I could connect to GPRS to check email / browse around 9am this morning. it is NOT working again.

    I think I really need to call TMO and ask for the service credit back!
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    Mine is up and down all of the time in Utah. It was very consistent until about a month ago. It has been hit-and-miss ever since.

    I recently dropped my $19.99 plan because of connection problems, but I am still able to connect (when it works). Just as before I dropped my $19.99 plan, sometimes the connection works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm not sure if I am connecting through T-Zones or WAP, but at least now I am not paying for inconsistent service.
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    I see a TMO Sidekick AIM user on from Costa Mesa
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    I'm located in Seattle, WA. I had trouble with GPRS this morning for a couple of hours. Seems to work fine now.
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    I have been traveling between Richmond, VA and Minneapolis this week and the GRPS connectivty was on and off without warning Tuesday, Wednesday and Today.

    Full disclosure- I don't use the $19.99 plan to connect, I use the back door via free unlimited wap. Which I have to guess will be closed some day.
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    Off and on this morning from 8AM to 9AM in Los Angeles.
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    A couple of days ago, GPRS was glacially slow here in Northern CA. Seems to have cleared up in the meantime.
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    I'm in the east bay and performance has been absolutely crappy the last couple weeks.
    Beyond pitiful. Glad I'm not paying for it. I have a colleague who is paying and is seeing the same thing. I'd be really pissed if I were him.

    Damn it's bad! 50K mobile speed test from is even timing out!

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