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    Any info on whether this move will have a negative impact for Cingular users in Cali?

    Deutsche Telekom Buys Network
    From Cingular for $2.5 Billion

    Associated Press
    May 25, 2004 2:14 a.m.

    BERLIN -- Deutsche Telekom AG Tuesday said it will buy a mobile-phone network serving California and Nevada from Cingular Wireless in a $2.5 billion deal that unwinds the companies' joint venture.

    Deutsche Telekom, Europe's largest telecommunications company, said the deal will boost its T-Mobile USA unit and strengthen its growth potential in the U.S.

    The companies agreed in 2001 to a venture in which T-Mobile USA's customers phoned over the Cingular network in California and Nevada and Cingular's customers used the T-Mobile USA network in New York.

    Deutsche Telekom already had bought VoiceStream in the U.S., now T-Mobile USA. T-Mobile USA passed Nextel Communications Inc. last year to become the fifth-largest U.S. wireless company, but it is still relatively small in terms of subscribers.

    The $2.5 billion purchase price of the GSM mobile network will be partially offset by a $200 million payment related to the unwinding of the joint venture, Deutsche Telekom said.

    The deal likely will close at the beginning of 2005, Deutsche Telekom said.
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    Seems like a good idea on Cingular's part. They just plan on using AT&T's network in Cali and NY then, once the merger is complete.
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    Ever since the merger was rumored, I have been wondering whether T-mobile or Cingular would get Cingular's network in California. I had AT&T about a year ago and their network in Souther California is the worst. At my house it is completely unusable. Cingular's network is the only one that gets decent reception at my house. With my wife on Cingular for the rollover minutes and me on T-mobile for the data, It looks like we will be switching my wife's account to T-mobile after the merger. The roll-over minutes will be missed.
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    From today's San Jose Mercury News:

    Seems the reason for the purchase was to unwind the sharing agreements in California and New York to make sure that the acquisition of AT&T Wireless by Cingular gets final approval by the FCC. Cingular (and former AT&T customers) won't see a difference for four years. I just moved from T-Mobile to AT&T because AT&T is the only good coverage in my home. Looks like I'l be Cingular next year and eventually back to T-Mo. I can only hope that T-Mo infuences the other carriers about the cost of data. Check out the comment about T-Mo only being known for Catherine Zeta-Jones in their ads. They are known for more than that.
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    Oh crap, being an AT& T customer, I've only just got decent coverage (I live right in the middle of Silicon Valley) due to the merging of AT&T & Cingular, hopefully I've got 4 years before I need to switch networks.
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    AT&T's won't loose any coverage, They will only gain coverage from Cingular. T-mobile won't loose any coverage They will be on the same networks they are on now. However in California and Nevada, Cingular will be switching from their network which they are selling to T-mobile to AT&T's network. In New York Cingular will be switching from T-mobile's Network to AT&T's Network. The transition will take a while. Whether this is an improvement or detriment will depend on where you are at and how much work is done to improve AT&T's network. Cingular customers are the only ones that are potentially affected by this announcement. I wouldn't go out and change carriers based on this. I also wouldn't enter any 2 year commitments if this could be detrimental for you.
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    Well, if it's going to take 4 years, then we can't really say anything for sure. How many cell towers do you think Cing/ATT and T-Mo will have added by then?
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    As few as they can get away with

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