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    As already known, AT&T and Cingular have been planning to merge. Today AT&T announced that the shareholders overwhelmingly voted to approve that merger (scheduled by end-of-year according to PRPRPR $releases$).

    As such, those trying to decide which of these two to go with may be making a moot decision...

    (aside - AT&T appears to be buying blocks of TREO 600s from PalmOne, then selling them. Cingular appears to have stopped buying blocks of TREO 600s based on the contents of their web site (no retail TREO 600s and simply a "contact sales" for the business side (*)). This merger may result in some sort of shift in how these two do business with PalmOne)


    (*) In an earnings call a few months ago PalmOne said Cingular had REordered some TREO 600s - that datapoint would cover a range December to February.


    Editted to change "could" to "would".
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