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    I loaded up pockettunes yesterday and was very disappointed with the performance w/ ShoutCast. I got buffering every 5 to 30 seconds when listening to low bitrate (24k) stations. Today however, I've been streaming for a half hour with not a hiccup.

    What are other people seeing?
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    Alot depends on the who is serving the stream as well. Certain streams for me are always perfect, while others always buffer every 5 seconds. Find a good server and you shouldn't have any issues.
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    How do you put in the stations? Web address??? (dumb question, i know)
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    nevermind.....figured it out....
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    I've got shoutcast working but the sound sucks, breakup a lot.

    Did I not see something?
    How do you set the # of seconds to buffer??
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    Make sure you are choosing stations that are up to the speed of your connection (GSM around 33, cdma around 80)
    If you limit your data rate that way it will fix your problem for the most part. Remember the problem can be the station serving up the radio.

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