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    I know that there is a website out there that has done evaluations of rate plans. What I am looking for is the best "bang for the buck" for voice, data sms, etc.

    Cingular is canceling all of the Media packages for the Treo 600 "that package is not available for PDAs" and they are converting from the $19.95 unlimited package to a package in the range of $46.95. Sounds like a bait and switch to me.

    Anyone know of a source to evaluate rate plans?
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    Here's what I know:
    AT&T wireless has an unlimited PDA data plan for $50/month. You get a $5/month discount on that when you have a qualified voice plan (I think $40/month and above.)
    You'll need to buy an SMS package. The SMS packages are $10 or $20 for 300 or 1000 SMS messages. However, all incoming messages on AT&T are free/unlmited.

    T-Mobile has unlimited data plan for $30. Includes 300 inbount/outbound SMS.

    You know about Cingular. I have the Media Works for $20. Unlimited data, 1500 SMS (incoming/outgoing) and 200 MMS. On other forums many people still say they have and are getting this plan for the Treo. I just signed up with Cingular with the free samsung phone, but use the SIM in my Treo. But I already had my Treo (I didn't buy one with sign up.) This is by far the best deal I know of if you can swing it. I hear some people are even going in to Cingular stores and still getting it for Treo without any hassle. When I talked to Cingular a week ago I couldn't get any information on a $50/month PDA plan. They told me the $80/month unlimited internet plan was the only option, but I know that can't be right. They said the $50 plan was only for blackberry, but again that's probabally wrong.
    Cingular's web site doesn't mention this plan, but maybe that' just because it's a new offering.

    Assuming you can get media works:
    $55/month for AT&T ($45+$10 for 300SMS), $20 for Cingular, $30 for TMobile.

    Assuming you can't get media works on Cingular:
    $55/month for AT&T, $60 on Cingular ($50+$10 for an SMS package,) $30 for TMobile.

    T-Mobile's coverage is inferior to Cingular in my opinion, and everyone I know that had TMobile hated and switched (at least in the San Jose, CA area.) TMobile may have been improved since they tried it. But the price is right, so consider it.

    Talking about CDMA services:
    Verizon has $50 for unlimited data plans. But they should be much much faster than GSM services.
    SprintPCS will run you $80 for the 300MB plan (which is comparable to unlimited). Again, they are much much faster than GSM.

    Here's a web page I threw together that compares plans based on the information I could find.

    If you can get media works, then I suggest it. Otherwise if TMobile works for you that's the next best plan.
    If you're gonig to be paying $50/month, then start considering the differences with the service. Fore example, Verizon should be 3-4 times faster than the GSM carriers and has by far the most superior coverage for the US.
    AT&T's data is solid. I had it before I switched.
    Cingular uses NAT which causes issues with PPTP VPN, and some annoying other issues related to everyone on Cingular being on one single IP. Otherwise it's not really a problem. But if it's between paying $50 on Cingular vs. $50 on AT&T, I'd take AT&T.
    Of course eventually AT&T will become Cingular.

    So here's my suggestion in order of preference. Not just on cost, but I go by coverage since I think it's of paramount imporance.
    1-Cingular, only if you can get Media Works (best all around for cost package.) Also free roaming to other GSM carriers (same as AT&T)
    2-Verizon based on best coverage and speed. Treo should be available soon for them.
    3-AT&T for GSM coverage (free roaming to all GSM carriers.)
    4-TMobile based on cost, if you can live with the limited coverage.
    5-SprintPCS based on speed. If you can live with the limited coverage.

    Well I hope my info is acurate.
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    Here's a web page I used to compares plans based internet and rate plans.
    Select "service plans" and enter zip code for a list of plan cost, etc.
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    Just my two-cents. T-Mobile, here in Houston, seems pretty strong, coverage-wise. I've been very happy with them.

    And when I roamed in Milwaukee, I had no probs.

    Orlando was trickier ... but I was at Disney World. Just e-mail/wap was a prob.

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    One correction: Sprint is NOT $80/mo for unlimited data (it's $15). For $80, you could get a handsome voice and data package.
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    Yes, I figured that out after I made the post. Maybe I could edit it. The link to the page I put up is more up to date, though, as far as I know.

    What I don't get (and this criticism goes for ALL of the carriers) is that they make the data plans quite confusing to figure out. In on place they'll say "$80 for unlimited data" but in another area it'll be "$15 for unlimited PDA data" or somethign like that.
    Cingular has a $45 (or $47?) unlimited PDA plan which they don't even advertise on the web site.
    They also now have this new Xpress mail which you can get unlimited data on your Treo for $40.00/month. That's less than the $47 and it comes with this new hosted push mail service in addition.
    $40 a month for unlimited including the XPress mail push mail service is reasonable in my opinion. But what's whacked is that they also have a $30 express mail plan for 5MB!!!!
    My friends, there's a world of difference between 5MB and unlimited, yet it's priced $10 difference.
    If you were to subscribe to $30 for the 5MB, you'd be charged $50 more (at 1 cent per kb) to use an additional 5MB. 10MB would cost you a total of $80 total on the $30 plan. Yet for $40 you could use 50MB, 100MB, 200MB.

    Why even bother with the 5MB option?

    Same with MEdia Works. $8 for 1MB, or $20 for unlimited. Yet 2MB on the $8 plan would cost you $28 total. Use 10, 20, 30MB... forget about it! Where is the logic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    What I don't get (and this criticism goes for ALL of the carriers) is that they make the data plans quite confusing to figure out.
    I completely agree.
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    ATT seems to have three "unlimited" plans:

    $25 Unlimited mmode plan ( Claims to charge $0.001/kb if you use it from a PC. I don't know how they can tell, except maybe by assuming that any use not through the mmode proxy must be tethered. That would make blazer/webviewer/etc. use less attractive.

    $50 Unlimited PDA data plan ( Supposedly not allowed for laptop connections, not even with the extra $0.001/kb charge. It's not obvious why you'd pay twice as much for this plan.

    $80 Unlimited data plan ( I guess anything goes here.

    Does anybody have experience with these plans?
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh
    Here's what I know:
    T-Mobile has unlimited data plan for $30. Includes 300 inbount/outbound SMS.

    ...Assuming you can't get media works on Cingular:
    $55/month for AT&T, $60 on Cingular ($50+$10 for an SMS package,) $30 for TMobile.

    ...Well I hope my info is acurate.
    Just to note that T-Mobile unlimited is 19.95 with any voice plan 29.95 and above. I have the 29.95 + 19.95 plans. BTW, I thought I needed an unlimited plan, but I've been monitoring my data usage for several months now, and although I use the web all day, 5 days a week, I have never used more than 3-5 mb. So, I'll now be shopping around for good deals on other-than-unlimited.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.

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