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    I am a previous T-Mobile customer that has purchased a Treo 600 and is working on getting internet for my phone.

    I read that a lot of TreoCentral users are able to use Tzones for Internet as opposed to the $19.99 unlimited plan. So I signed up for the $4.99 Tzone plan but I'm not able to get on the internet at all. What am I doing wrong?

    On my Treo menu, I click web and it dials out but it gives me this error message:

    "Error: GPRS connection not available. Check you settings in Network Preferences and/or try again later. (0x7143)"

    I've called and confirmed that I'm signed up for Tzones. However, whenever I talk to T-Mobile representatives on the phone, the only thing they will talk about is upgrading me to the unlimited plan. Is there something I have to do different with my actual Treo unit to make it use Tzones?

    My sim card works fine and I'm able to make calls with no problem. When I log in on the T-Mobile website with my desktop I can manipulate my tzone settings. And I live in Houston so I'm sure it's not due to a lack of signal.

    Can anybody help? I'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
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    Nevermind, "winbrat" from Houston helped me out. Long live Treo central!
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    can you post the solution?
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    by default, the network (GPRS) setting is set to TMO Internet Plan. If you have tzone plan, you should go to the network and select "TZONE", then you can connect to the net.
    if you have TMO Internet Plan in your account, you can connect to the net via either TMO Internet or TZONE
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    what is the difference between T-zones and t-mo internet, I have the internet and was told I would be able to use T-zones, why would I want to?

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