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    I've been an att customer for over 5 years. Now that i have my treo 600(haven't told them yet) They are saying i have to pick a new plan, Data Plan first, phone plan second. Anybody heard of this? By doing this it will cost me more money to get the same packages i have now but my phone is working perfectly. Do i have to tell them i have the Treo?
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    ATT's data service is quite expensive; particularly if you don't buy any or you buy one of the low end services. So you may need to change your service. I certainly never told them when I moved my sim into the treo; but I did change plans so that I have the unlimited data service. Good thing my employer pays.
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    They were so stupid at the store I went to that when the computer told them to help me pick a data plan i said no thanks and they just manually bypassed it in the system. i then signed up for an mmode plan and set my browser up as a wap since i only need the internet for few uses and was more into the features and organization of the treo. I am a new customer and they still activated a new treo in the store without a plan.

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