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    Found this today: Using prefs>general and setting color to "steel" (my favorite due it its superior daylight contrast), the "highlighted" MMS in a folder list, or the "highlighted" ringtone in the MMS sounds screen becomes invisible but can still be selected. Worked OK with the other colors I checked (I use "forest" now--not quite as good as "steel"). Can anyone else confirm this?

    If so, and you're here pa1mOne, add it to the fix list before releasing ... No big deal and I'm happy to help debug...

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    Somebody please try this and post results--problem may even exist with a Sprint 1.20 phone.

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    OK, I've confirmed this problem still exists with 3.05 CNG firmware. Could someone PLEASE try this out? The silence on this issue is deafening.
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    I have the same issue with 3.05 ROW. It appears to only happen in MMS. Hmmm.

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