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    I searched the forum for the best answer on this and even talked to T-mobile. They say that you cant access your t-zones with a Treo 600 and that I need to get the Internet plan if I want to access the Blazer. Well it is working already on my Treo and I am subsribed to the T-zones $4.99 plan. So my question I need the $4.99 plan anymore(I know i dont get httpS sites)?????? Any secondly since I cant get to the T-zones home page(can anyone???) with all my settings...does anyone have a webpage or somewhere to find out all the WAP address sites???????(ie CNN,CBS,etc...)

    Thanks and great forum here!!
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    TMobile put information on their computers for the TMobile representatives to look up for each phone and what each can do. They have put "Treo 600 requires unlimited internet" on their computer database, so that is what the TMobile representative will tell you.

    You CAN use TZones. The TZones will only give you the ability to check your pop/imap email. There is a free WAP service that TMobile offers to allow you to surf the web. After arguing with the TMobile service rep, a tier-2 support person told me that I will only be able to surf to WAP sites only.

    I guess the tier-2 guy doesn't understand what WAP stands for!

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    what about surfing over something other than port 80 and SSL? is that possible w/ the TZones?
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    Give me an example, what do you want me to surf and I can check it.

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    really, how do you get to your pop3/imap email??? I tried the link that t-mobile provides under t-zones settings but it doesnt work. In fact only about half of the links i looked up on t-mobile dont work at all on my phone.

    What I would like is just the t-zones home page. Where they have preloaded websites and MY T-zones page. Can I still get to these?
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    well just talked to t-mobile tier 2 and he says that i must purchase the internet plan for any data device. Ok, heard that before so I guess I need everyones input on here as to how they get to their t-zones without a data plan. I want to at least be able to check my imap email without purchasing a 3rd party software. Also, I noticed i am only downloading at 9-15kbs on this phone. I thought t-mobile was around 35-40kbs?? I have been to northern california and dallas texas and I get the same speed of 9-15kbs. Any help? T-mobile reps are no longer an option. Although I could get lucky and talk to someone there who knows what there talking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flywest
    What I would like is just the t-zones home page. Where they have preloaded websites and MY T-zones page. Can I still get to these?

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $you$ $cannot$ $get$ $to$ $the$ $T$-$Zones$ $homepage$ $using$ $Blazer$. $The$ $t$-$zones$ $homepage$ &$quot$;$sniffs$&$quot$; $for$ $what$ $kind$ $of$ $browser$ $you$ $are$ $using$. $If$ $you$ $are$ $using$ $a$ $WAP$ $only$ $browser$, $the$ $page$ $will$ $load$. $If$ $you$ $are$ $using$ $a$ $WAP$+$HTML$ $browser$ ($like$ $Blazer$) $the$ $page$ $will$ $not$ $load$. $I$ $know$ $of$ $no$ $workaround$
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    Thanks jskier. Unfortunate that I wasnt informed that when I bought the device. Hopefully 3rd party software will help?
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    To connect to tzones homepage you need a browser that supports a gateway, the one I have found is jbrowser by Jataayu Software, you can get it for $15 at handango. However the t-zones web page is not that special other sites on the internet look a lot nicer on a treo and don't require a special browser. The t-zones site is designed for people using a phone with a tiny screen. If you do decide to get jBrowser the settings to use are Gateway:, Port: 9201, Home:, Mode: Connection Orriented. If you want to access your email, use the mail program included with your treo. The difference between t-zones and unlimited internet is t-zones limits the ports that can be used.
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    ok so I found this thread, and I have a probally stupid question but none the less I must ask, Ive been following the steps minus getting a browser that supports gateways, but the way I have the 270, just wanted to see if this is correct, I did not enter a username or password do I need to it says it is conecting but since I have not found a freeware browser that supports gateways im not sure if it is really working or if it just thinks it is.
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    im trying to hook up my treo 600 with i can surf some web pages and access email...i dont want to use the $19.99 plan...ive read that others have been able to use the $5 tzones plan to do this. I contacted customer support on all levels and they havent been able to get it to work for me. Some one must know how to set this up?

    thanks in advance
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    Actually I just got in... I browsed through the and selected T-Zones, which redirects you to your personal infospace site. Just bookmark it from there. I am using Blazer...

    Using an unlocked Treo 600, purchased externally of TMO. Once you login though the main portal it should just work.
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    it wont even let me connect to the network and i tried everything.....if someone can give me detailed instructions on how this should be set up...thanks in advance

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