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    I am currently using the T-Mobile Sidekick and my contract is gonna end soon. I was looking at the treo 600 because I just started to work for a financial company and I need a palm pilot. The thing is, is that I really use the AIM feature on the sidekick alot and my question is, does the AIM stay on like the sidekick does and can u multitask while AIM is running? I usually leave AIM on so I can get messeges from clients and friends. Just wanna know if it works the same with the treo using aim or verichat. If so, I'm getting one ASAP. Any help or info is appreciated.
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    You can use Chatopus ( it works in the background with MSN, AIM, ICQ, etc' and will vibrate when you get a new IM.
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    You can check out Chatter as well. (
    Chatter also has IMAP email functionality in addition to AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and ICQ.
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    So let me clear this up. With the unlimited t-mobile internet service with the treo, i can leave aim on 24/7 like the sidekick? And it will still run even when the treo is on idle? sorry for all the dumb questions, just wanna make sure im making the right choice. thanx again
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    No dumb question, it works like that on my CDMA version. Idle or not, messages come right through and I use the standard SMS program. I was at the school yesterday picking up my kids and got an IM (as I normally do, anytime).

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    word, thank you for your help

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