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    I believe when they say that it is only available until July, that means if you sign up by then, you get to keep it...not that after July it reverts to some more expensive plan.
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    Not according to my rep. - she says I cannot get the 19.95 plan for the Treo, that it is 39.95. I had her check a couple of times. I went ahead and got a Sprint treo instead since it is supposed to run faster anyway. Shame tho. since I have Cingular
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    In fact, here is her post, a lot of info. within the post.......... read and weep?

    __________BEGIN PASTE

    Sorry it took me FOREVER to get back to you -- I did confirm the info. with
    my manager and yup, those two packages are the ones available (the others we
    originally spoke about are for regular phones only). If you wanted to add a
    text messaging or multi-media package to your 5MB (29.99) or Unlimited
    Internet (39.99) Treo 600 packages, those are options. . sorry about the
    less then great pricing/value news! I hope you don't discover a more
    competitive offer elsewhere! (And if you do, that's life. . ). .

    The one thing I was told is that those internet usage packages are
    especially designed for the Treo (as far as expanded browsing capabilities
    are concerned.) Let me know if there is anything else I can help you out
    with! :-)

    Erika Parsons
    Cingular Wireless Sales Consult
    800 Boylston
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    I think that she's full of it! How did she come up with $29.99 for 5MB's anyway??
    A 5MB plan should cost you $14.99 based on the above data plan pricing. I had that before switching to the Media Works!
    Either way it's a moot point now, you went with Sprint!
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    actually, you guys are giving me good information. I didn't "really" go wtih Sprint quite yet since I am getting a Treo600 2nd hand, so I'm not tied to anything. I'll email her back.

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    Of course, I never mentioned that I'm using a Treo600 (though they should've been able to look that up). I see from another thread on this board that they are not officially offering this plan for the Treo. It seems to be working fine. I can't believe that it really matters to them what phone I'm using. If they take it back, I'm going to be really pissed.
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    When I signed up I even told them, yes, for the current line, for a Treo 600. No problem, sir, it's been added.

    As usual, another phone company with spotty customer service.
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    No problem here. I got the unlimited plan for 19.99 and I saw that they were charging me $0.10 for each text message, so I called to check it out (please no cheap jokes). Anyway, that got that straightened out, and the rep, who absolutely knew I was using the 600 confirmed that I had the Media Works plan.

    On a slightly different note, has anyone noticed the complete lack of information on the 600 on the Cingular website? I went on MyWirelessWindow and you can't do anything because you can't set the 600 as your phone. I find that very frustrating.
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    I also have the MediaWorks package and the rep knew I had a T600.

    I also find it very frustrating not being able to find any information about the T600 on their website. I think they are trying to distance themselves from the terrible quality record the T600 has.
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    more bad news from my rep. . . I bet you can still get around it depending on the rep:

    The only Internet packages that are available for the Treo (as of about week
    ago) are the two internet only plans. The Media Bundles we talked about have
    been taken off the availability list for Sales Reps to choose from when they
    activate a Treo 600. When customers want to add features such as text
    messaging packages or multi-media packages, they must do this in addition to
    the Treo 600 Internet package.

    For example: Unlimited Internet package: 39.99 a month (or 5MB per month =
    Plus text messaging: 100 messages a month = 2.99 a month
    Plus Multi-Media package: 20 messages a month = 2.99 a month

    This leaves you at 46.00 + your regular monthly plan

    I hope this clears things up for you! When I have a chance I will go to that
    chat board and post a clarification.

    I hope you have great luck with our competitor however! :-)

    Take care,
    Erika Parsons
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkdancy
    I also find it very frustrating not being able to find any information about the T600 on their website. I think they are trying to distance themselves from the terrible quality record the T600 has.
    Words about the TREO 600 are available on the Cingular and T-Mobile web sites however you cannot buy the TREO from either company as with their standard retail offerings - both have the TREO mentioned in their business pages, for example - Cingular says "Call a rep" and T-Mobile links you to PalmOne for the actual purchase.

    Are they distancing themselves due to the outrageous return rate?

    In T-Mobile's case it looks like they simply decided it was more cost-effective to let PalmOne carry the inventory for a high-priced low-volume phone. Makes total financial sense, IMHO.

    In Cingular's case it's not clear WHAT happened. We have post(s) here on TreoCentral that suggested Cingular was ordering quantities on the order of 2000 or so units in the deep distant past, then having to return entire batches. Perhaps THEY did as you suggest.
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    My question is it makes no sense to say "your treo can't get unlimited" What is the logic behind that? Because they know that you will use it??
    That's crazy and I'm pretty sure they couldn't get away with that legally...

    It's not that it screws up their network or something.
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    What's this "activate a treo 600" on cingular stuff? They can't sell you a t600, so of course they can't activate one . I'd just buy the cheapest phone the plan is "officially" offered with, keep it for a spare/beater, and pop the sim in a generic t600. Should work for both new and existing customers?

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    I started my MEdia Works package mid-April. And in fact, MY local rep informed me at the time I started that the offer would most likely be extended past the July expiration. They are having to compete with T-Mobile, so why would you think they would take it away. Two comments on some of the replies. First and foremost, I don't think some of these people(TC members) understand what they are talking about when they post their replies. Second, the plan was not any part of the AT&T buyout, the only thing that that has done is increase the number of towers available. I agree however, that there is quite a lack of information on the Cingular website. But isn't that why we use the Discussion Boards here is to find out answers that are not readily available?
    My MEdiaWorks plan from Cingular:
    1500 text messages/month
    250 multimedia messages/month
    unlimited internet express
    The only suggestion that I have is to make sure that they take off your previous internet express when they add MEdiaWorks. My bill shows they are still charging me for the 6.99 Wireless Internet Express
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    Two text message questions for anyone who has this plan:

    1. Is it 1500 inbound and outbound, or just 1500 outbound and unlimited inbound?

    2. How does the Verichat or whatever work - is that text messaging, or is it an app that runs through a particular port, using the GPRS and not SMS? I'm curious because I was under the impression it uses SMS, and I see T-Mobile's plan says here, for the Sidekick add-on, for $20/Month: Unlimited email, AOL IM, Web Browsing, Text Messages....So they seperate AOL IM & Text messages, but is that just a marketing gimmick (i.e., The Internet connection comes with FREE email and Usenet access!!) or do the IM / chat programs really operate seperately from SMS?

    Can you tell how excited I am that my contract with AT&T is up in about a week?
    <a href="">TerribleMovies.Com</a>
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    Quote Originally Posted by ziphem
    Two text message questions for anyone who has this plan:

    1. Is it 1500 inbound and outbound, or just 1500 outbound and unlimited inbound?
    It is 1500, period. Anyway you slice it, inbound or outbound, or any combination.
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    As far as Cingular goes, when I talked to my rep at the local Cingular store about buying one, what she told me was that they aren't advertising the Treo 600 because there is already a multiple week waiting list for them. I don't know if this is just this store, or a general Cingular phenomenon.

    Again, as a business decision, if you are selling out your inventory without advertising, why advertise?


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    Get this... If you choose the 5mb plan for $10.00 more a month, that is all you get! No SMS, No MMS, nada... What was the website that has review of vendors rate plans?
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    I called 6 weeks ago because of a service outage and the rep told me about the plan and transferred me to it saying it made sense for me. I never would have known!
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    As near as I can tell from Cingular's web site, you can still sign up for Media Basic or Express at the special rates. Yes, they do have a drop down list of 'approved' phones which does not include the T600, but I don't see why you cannot just enter a 'dummy' phone and get the package added onto your Cingular plan.
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