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    Hi all,

    My Treo kept dropping calls yesterday (April 26, 2004) from about 5pm to at least 10pm (I stopped using the phone because it was just too frustrating). My calls were all local (Los Angeles).

    I don't think it's my Treo, because my buddy called me up to tell me he was experiencing the same thing on his T-M Treo.

    I just switched to T-M from AT&T (evil bastards... long story...), so I've only been with them for a month or so. Umm, is this what I'm to expect? An isolated incident?

    Appreciate any insight (or is it incite?)!

    - hoju
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    Hi..I'm t-mobile in la too..had same problems last night..but hasnt really happened before this, so I would guess it's an isolated incident...anyone else know anything more about this??
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    I'm in Costa Mesa, and we had some trouble with this last night too. My Treo 600 was all over the place, my fiancee's Sidekick kept dumping calls. Very unusual for us, and I hope it is an isolated incident.
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    Thanks for the responses. Yeah, it seems to be better today. Still, I'm definitely going to give them a call to get some sort of credit for those "first minute" calls (dozens of them...).

    Will post again should this problem continue...

    - hoju

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