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    Follows is an email I sent today to a regional Cingular rep:

    "The manager of my local Cingular store gave your email address and said
    you might be able to help me. I've had no luck talking with the Cingular
    customer support people. If anything, I've wasted over an hour on the
    phone and had my blood pressure rise to unhealthy levels. ;-(

    "I was a T-Mobile customer until Friday when I switched to Cingular. As
    before, I have my Network parms on my Treo 600 phone set up such that
    all calls will forward to my office telephone number upon "busy,"
    "off-line," and "unavailable". In other words, T-Mobile or Cingular
    voice mail does not enter into the equation. Under T-Mobile, this had
    worked fine; if I did not pick up on my office telephone, it would
    forward to my office voice mail.

    "Now, however, instead of the call successfully forwarding to the office
    voice mail, the call will ring my office telephone but, if it needs
    forwarding to my company voice mail it gets "stuck" in the phone's
    switch (a Nortel DMS100) because--I believe--the forwarded call lacks
    insufficient information. I suspect that the DNIS (Direct Number
    Information Service) number does not "go along for the ride."
    Consequently, the switch has no idea for whom the voice mail is intended
    so the originator gets prompted to "enter the extension of the person
    you are calling". (Previously, it had that information.)

    "Help! If I can't get this problem resolved, the Cingular service is
    less-than-useful to me due to my poor location at work and my inability
    to receive personal calls via my work phone. Regretfully, I will need
    to switch back to T-Mobile."


    Any thoughts from the audience?
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    I had a similar problem when i signed up for Cingular a while back. Someone in our IT group had to do something to our switch to permit calls to be forwarded to my voicemail box. Once they did that, it worked fine.

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