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    Hi all...
    I currently have a t-mobile sidekick (what a bad decision that was) and have only had t-mobile for about 3 months. Previously I was a Sprint customer, so this GSM stuff is new to me.

    My Treo will arrive today by 3pm (or so says the website!). I have what might be a stupid question. What do I need to do to get up and running with the treo? Do I just pop my sim in and go, or do I need to call T-mobile and let them know I have a new phone?

    Can't wait to get my hands on this baby. I wont have much time to play with it tonight, but I am ready to get started with a real phone and a REAL organizer. Sorry sidekick, you fell way short.

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    hmm, there are a couple of ppl who made the switch to the treo from sidekick, i'm not one of them.

    the treo should work by just poping in the sim, unless it is a sim the treo cant use.

    If it works no problems. If it doesn't then t-mo has to send you a new sim.
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    i got my T-mo Treo600 today! anyways, i currently have a t-mo sidekick also, no matter what settings i did the treo600 couldn't connect to GPRS. So i called t-mobile customer service and they said the data plan for treo 600 and sidekick are different. so i went ahead and told him to switch it for me. he said it should take affect in 24-48hrs!

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