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    When I joined up, I ordered the $79.99 unlimited data plan. They told me I could reduce it at any point in the future.

    I called up today to try to do that and they told me that their system is slow and it would take them 2 to 3 months to change my plan!

    So, for 2 to 3 months, they're going to over-charge me!

    I miss Verizon so much. Wish I could have joined up with them when I got my Treo 600.
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    That's utter BS... have you ever dealt with the online customer service?

    It's available via online fourms, I find them to be amazing.


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    That is BS!! I thought it was bad when they would force me to extend my contract every time I changed any plan (voice/data/text/etc.) but this is blatant robbery. Hopefully, you can get them to issue you some sort of credit. I'd call them every day and/or visit their stores until you find someone willing to do it. Anytime I would complain about being overcharged, I was able to find someone to issue me credit.
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