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    Arrived about 10AM Eastern up here in Portland Maine. I ordered the T-mobile version but it has neither T-mobile or Handspring Logos. It sports the palmOne brand.

    My 2 year-old Treo 180 can now retire peacefully.

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    I <3 my Treo 600!
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    charged it for what seemed liked all day! (2.75 hours till green light came on)

    popped in my t-mobile SIM card and it says "VStream" in the top left corner? I was able to place a call!

    Firmware: 02.05
    Software: Treo600-1.08-INT
    Hardware: B

    how do u tell if the phone is locked or unlocked?
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    I placed and AT&T SIM card in and was able to receive my co-workers calls. So its unlocked.

    experimented alittle with calling people in my office...they said they heard me very clear no echo. When I let them use my phone...I didn't hear an echo either, but I wasn't too impressed with the quality. Although it was clear, the person sounded distance. You could tell they were on a cell phone. I'm okay with it.

    Does anybody else with a t-mo SIM card have "VStream" when on wireless mode?
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    Fed EX person did not even knock on the door - I was inside waiting! Now I have to go pick it up after 7:00.
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    Just got my unlock, unbranded treo 600.

    Phone info is:

    ver: 1.08 Int

    Board is version B

    I though that the latest version board was C and the rom version was up to 1.09 Int or higher.

    Are they sending out referbs as new units or are they just using leftover parts to take care of the massive backorder?

    Anyone have any ideas?

    BTW, the phone is branded PalmOne.
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    Looks like mine will be here today! only 2 days! Fedex undercommits and overdelivers! When was the last time you saw UPS arrive early?

    Wife has instructions to immediately open and charge up!

    Gonna be a long day at the office!
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    Same situation here. But I'm out of town and my wife is out right now. Man, I hope she gets back before the FedEx guy shows up. I don't get back until tomorrow, so it's going to be a long day and a half! Patience grasshopper...
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    Mine just arrived! I wasn't expecting it until Friday. Yee ha! This is so cool!
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    Just got mine also.
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    But boy do I hope that the long wait had absolutely nothing to do with teh fact that my new Treo 600 for T-Mobile came in a fresh new PalmOne box, rather than a Handspring one as my various co-worker's Sprint models did.

    Production delays are one thing, but anyone know if this is a coincidence?
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    I was one of the first ones to order (2/9 10:10 PM AZ time) and my accessories shipped but my treo got back ordered. I ordered the "optimized" version. HS tells me first week of March for any t-mobile treos to ship. He seemed in denial that any had shipped at all.
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    Ordered my Treo 600 on the second day it was available and is now being shipped. Delivery expected this Friday!

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    I think I am one of the later people to order.

    I ordered on Feb 16th. As of tonight it lists as awaiting ship.
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    Here's the specs on my T-mobile branded upgrade:

    Preordered: 2/09/2004 08:34:51 PM
    Part Number: 1034NA
    Lot/Batch: HSL0560
    Firmware: 02.05
    Software: Treo600-1.08-INT
    Hardware: B
    Palm OS v.5.2.1

    I'm very pleased with the T-mobile connectivity so far. I use the VPN service with mergic which was hit or miss on my old 180. Now its almost 100%. I just assumed all this time my service was lousy. I just needed the 600. Yeah.

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    Mine came in a PalmOne box, but it has a handspring flip logo on it. my impression is that we are in a period of transition here....
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    Though my status said "Awaiting Shipment" all day, I got an email at 9:11pm CST that says shipped. The FedEx data indicated it was picked up by FedEx this morning, though it is still in their site in Utah. Delivery on or before 3/1. So even though the status didn't indicate it, it's on the way.

    All my accessories are included (car charger, case and headphone adapter). This is gonna be great!
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    Here's the specs on my T-mobile branded upgrade:

    Preordered: 2/09/2004 08:34:51 PM
    Part Number: 1034NA
    Lot/Batch: HSL0560
    Firmware: 02.05
    Software: Treo600-1.08-INT
    Hardware: B
    Palm OS v.5.2.1

    Where do you find the part #, lot/batch and Palm OS

    I'm showing Palm OS v.5.2H

    Firm, soft, and hardware are the same. I've got an unlock, unbranded phone with the PalmOne logo.
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    Part and Lot/Batch Numbers can found on the packing list. I found my Palm OS info by hitting the Home button / Pull down INFO/ then select Version.

    Hmmm....assuming no shipping mixup- if the T-mobile/unbranded versions are different you'd think we'd see different firmware or software.

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    I ordered the morning of Feb 10th -- the fedex projected delivery date was today by 7PM, but I noticed there was a delivery attempt yesterday while I was a work.

    I got home, called fedex, and they said I could pick it up at the facility, which would be closing in 10 minutes (and is some distance from my house) -- I scrambled and found my car keys, drove rather rapidly to the center and got there *1 minute* after closing -- the door was locked and the people inside wouldn't make eye contact with me. So, still waiting
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