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    This is very strange. I was just able to connect early this morning around 4am or so to check email. Now, I'm getting error messages and cannot get to my home page or connect to my mail servers.

    My GPRS connection is establishing, but I'm getting this error message when using Blazer:

    "The page you requested cannot be displayed. The web site you are trying to accsss may be temporarily unavailable or the URL you entered cannot be resolved. Please check that you correctly entered the URL or try again later"

    and this error message when trying to connect to mail:

    "We were unable to connect to the server Please go to the Server tab of Accoun Settings to correct this. For further support, contact your wireles data service provider"

    Anyone else having any problems?
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    mine is down too...chicago area
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    Originally posted by dennisB
    mine is down too...chicago area
    Phew..... Sorry to hear you are having the same luck as I am. Although, I'm very happy to hear that it's the network and not my phone. My Treo is only about a week old, so I was quite concerned.

    BTW, I'm in the Metro Detroit Area.
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    Works in Raleigh, NC
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    Well I'm happy to report that I am back up and running. I called Cingular and they stated there was a small problem for about a half hour (supposedly). My service just came back up around 1:00pm EST.

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