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    Is there any explaination as to the voice mail icon on the Treo 600 under AT&T GSM? Mine seems to say on long after I don't have any voice mail.
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    If you go into Phone Preferences... There should be a button to Clear Voicemail Icon.
    I don't understand why it would still be there after all your voicemail is cleared.
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    I do not see this option under any of the Preference menu items - when menu is this listed. (We are talking about a Treo 600 AT&TWS)
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    When in the phone application, press the menu button and then 'A'.
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    Did that - nothing on that options screen that has to do with the voice mail icon. Sure you're talking about a GSM Treo 600?
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    call your phone and leave a voicemail. check that then delete it. should fix it.

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