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    Cingular's phones-for-sale/pdas-for-sale web pages have been TREO 600-free for way too long.

    Something's up here.

    Has anyone got any RECENT feedback from Cingular about this?

    (I tried 10001, 20001, 90001, and "San Francisco, California" to check the web pages - anyone got a zip that DOES produce a TREO 600 for sale?)
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    Nada in Atlanta, home of Cingular!

    "I Sync, therefore I AM!"

    BellSouth became Cingular, left for ATT, who became Cingular, who became ATT. Is that right?
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    I've stated on other threads that I purchased mine from Cingular on Feb 13th. It was only listed on the "business devices" page of the website. All I did was call my local store, they had just rec'd them. I only had to wait two days. (metro Detroit area)
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    More grist for the T610 rumor mill....

    Can't people just accept the fact that maybe Handspring/PalmOne simply underestimated the demand?

    Even Sprint is having trouble keeping them in stock. They're flying off the shelves and that's why nobody has 'em. Pure and simple.
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    W.r.t. NONsales pages showing the TREO 600 - as with the other threads that is NOT part of the discussion. The plain fact is that Cingular hasn't had the TREO 600 overtly for sale for a LONG time, suggesting to THIS reader that they may have started following a T-Mobile model - allow PalmOne to sell a Cingular-compatible phone but not buying any themselves from PalmOne.

    This is, of course, pretty much moot to endusers but has significance to those who follow PalmOne and its finances.

    Of course, it DOES have significance to those looking for phones to buy from a particular carrier (or even for the first time). A potential customer visiting Cingular's "Phones we carry for sale" web page(s) will not even see the TREO 600.


    Something that may be significant to endusers - AT&T today says the TREO 600 is out of stock. the same potential customer mentioned above, of ocurse, would probably bypass considering an out of stock phone right up front.
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    Handspring is having a problem with a part made by a supplier. the supplier cannot get the part to handspring right now, so Cingular will not have any treos until late march or early april.
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    Sounds like a great excuse!

    AT&T would of course use the same part.

    As would Orange.

    As would...hmmm....T-Mobile.

    As would any GSM phone sold directly by PalmOne.

    Of the above, apparently T-Mobile is shipping and, as we can plainly see by visiting their web pages, PalmOne will be happy to ship you one, too.


    Cingular hasn't had the TREO 600 for too long.

    Does anyone know why?

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