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    I have been considering the Treo 600 and ran across this phone by Sony Ericsson called the P900. After going through the website this phone really looks nice and packed full of features. The only drawbacks I see is it doesn't use the Palm OS and no keyboard. Take a look at this site and let me know what you think.Sony Ericsson P900

    Has anyone heard of AT&T or any other cell service providers offereing this phone in the near future?
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    I own both phones. Both are nice but I think serves somewhat different needs. If you're after a good screen resolution, bluetooth connectivity and use the phone features more, I would say go with the P900. If you're definitely a heavy Palm user, the Treo 600 is a better choice.

    I personally switch between the 2 phones. I also find the Treo 600 syncs better with the Mac compared to the P900. Both sync very well with Windoze.
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    I have used both; the P900 is far superior as a phone, the T600 as an organizer. That said, I mainly needed to keep a copy of my calendar and contacts in both Outlook and the phone, so the P900 works fine.

    I miss having a keyboard, but I like the very good screen and markedly better camera (the T600 camera ought to spark a lawsuit). Furthermore, the P900 has quite a bit more multimedia and 'cool' functionality. I also feel more comfortable with the hardware quality of the P900 as compared with the T600- look at the reports of trouble in these forums versus the P900 forums on howardforums and you'll see what I mean.

    One last note- the P900 is bigger than the T600.
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    I've never owned either.

    I was inches away from buying a P900, but then decided on the T600 (just put in my order).

    Two things swayed me, even though I agree with the earlier comment: the P900 is cooler.

    1) keyboard - I didn't want to have to drag the stylus out all the time.

    2) 850 GSM band - I live in a rural area, and I'm hoping this will help.
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