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    I keep hearing that a newer 610 is coming out March 2. The pre-order starts shipping March 2. Does anybody have an idea whether palmOne will actually ship the treo 610 (if there is one) to the people pre-ordering? Or are they screwed?

    I can understand if they cannot offer pre-orders on an unannounced product. But it would be a shame after all this time for us t-mobile users to finally order within the time window and be stuck with the superceded if not obsolete model. it would make more sense given the dates (if rumors are correct) if they actually ship the newer model.

    Maybe I am just dreaming.
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    Use the (green) search button and write "Treo 610," you'd be amazed at how much this subject has been discussed here.

    Here are two threads:
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    I think it will still be awhile until we see a Treo 610 upgrade. Even if they could afford to put out a new improved model right now, they would still milk the Treo 600 so that everybody who wants one will have time to buy one. That way, all those loyal customers will buy yet another Treo when the upgrades come out. Software companies may have all the technology to put out a version 8 on the market, but will do it incrementally (version 5 - version 6 - version 7) over time so that they can make the most money possible.

    I'll be upgrading to a Treo 610 as soon as that day comes, but in the meantime, I wouldn't hold your breath!

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    I am not worried about waiting for the release of the proposed T610. Simply pre-order the T600 with insurance and when the T610 is released trade it in for the new upgraded unit.
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    Insurance? I have already pre-ordered, and I do not recall that being offered. But it would be a good idea if I can still find a way to add it. My 270 stopped working; no insurance.

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    Add insurance through T-Mobile once the phone is received from PalmOne.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hat_trick99
    Add insurance through T-Mobile once the phone is received from PalmOne.
    How will adding insurance help upgrade to Treo 610 when it comes out?
    I would imagine that T-Mobile will give you the same model replacement if you "lose it".

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