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    I'm currently an ATT customer and my contract (as well as my dad's) is expiring in March. My dad is suggesting that I go to T-Mobile, and test out their service, grab the data plan, etc. I wouldn't mind since $20 for unlimited data sounds a lot better than $70. However, they do not service my area. BUT! (haha) they have an agreement with Cingular so if I got tmobile, I could use my treo here just fine with no roaming. My question is, could I transfer my phone number to Tmobile, even though Tmobile doesnt service this area (directly)... I don't want a lousy south carolina number.

    I don't even like my north carolina number but at least it's convenient... :P

    I should hurry up and move back to NY...
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    You should be able to transfer with some delay. Expect delays whenever you transfer service providers specially when you are coming off AT & T.

    Call up PalmOne or T-Mobile, I am sure they will be willing to work your issue up. Ask them up front about T-Mobile not having a direct service to NC.

    Go Tarheels!!!
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    I moved my Verizon number to T-Mobile earlier this week. It is a local number to where I live, and T-Mobile has service here.

    I got a T-Mobile SIM card earlier with a new mobile number; I wanted to try out the phone and service before I gave up Verizon and my old phone.

    It took two days to decide that I loved the 600 and the service was fine. I called T-Mobile and spoke to the transfer department. I gave the T-Mo lady my Verizon account number, user name and password, and in less than 12 hours, I had an SMS to my Treo 600 that my T-Mobile number was now the (old) Verizon number.

    It could't have been easier.
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    If T-Mobile doesn't service your home address, they won't give you service.


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