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    who here has experience with t-mobile in the south jersey/philly area? I have a treo 600 with sprint but I saw the treo now under t-mobile and am considering changing. why? well I sell phones so after I eat my commision the treo and another phone for my wife will cost $0.00 and I realy like the 3000 min plan with data. my wife and I use 1000-2000 mins a month but with sprint we had to go with 2500 @ $100.00 cause the times of our calls always change (500 total peak one month, then 2200 total peak the next). how is the t-mobile data compared 2 sprint, I know it is slower but how much slower? I also love the idea of it being unlocked. people just compare anything you can about the carriers for me if you will.
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    The T moble version wont be ready till the end of march. They are taking orders for it know, but wont ship it till end of march
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    I was with Sprint for about 3 years in CA and just switched to T-Mobile. Here are some differences from my experience.

    1) Economical voice and data plans
    2) GSM - can use the phone internationally and has the ability to swap in any universal SIM card from any country
    3) Great customer service
    4) GSM version = slower data speeds but better battery life

    1) Plans not as economical as T-Mobile
    2) CDMA - phone number locked to phone
    3) Terrible customer service (actually rated the worst by a study of actual users across the U.S. in Consumer Reports)
    4) CDMA version = faster data speeds (almost twice as fast) but shorter battery life
    5) Frequent dropped signals (in SF, CA)

    "The future will be better tomorrow."
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    I am stuck in the same rut... my sprint t600 showed up today, but it looks like my TMob T600 may show up soon...

    Looking at the 2 plans they actually look comparble price-wise.

    On Sprint; If you get 2000+ minutes they throw in the data services for free
    On T-Mobile you have to pay for them.

    If you have alot of folks that you call who are Sprint users then you can use the unlimited PCS2PCS to save a chunk of ching.

    When you factor this in it seems that the rate plan is not the driver here.

    So the issues are service and GSM as a worldwide standard.

    I am going to sign up for both services and use both phones on my commute for 10 days. Then I will cancel one.

    Stay tuned-

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    Nothin' beats the SIM card.
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    It's all a matter of coverage in your area. Sprint sucks in some areas, but is great in others. Just try both and cancel one. - where early adopters discuss great stuff first
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    Just a warning based on my personally painful experience for those trying to use Sprints 14 day return policy. While the store was happy enough to take back the 600, the service has to be cancelled through their central customer service over the phone. The agent I spoke with was friendly enough and dropped all charges. So far so good.

    Two months later, I started getting phone calls every Sunday morning from Sprint collections. Turns out their system hadn't registered the credits and they wanted my credit card for $280 in charges and late fees. No, the collections department can't review your record or take any action other than accept your credit card.

    On to customer service, which after several agents and attempts was able to find the cancellation notes in my record and verify that the balance should be zero. Can they adjust now? No, it has to wait until the monthly billing cycle.

    The next week, another collections call. "Please review my record, this has been addressed already," I said.

    "Ok I see the note here that the account will be adjusted. Can I please have your credit card number?"

    "Hell no, can I please speak to your supervisor?"

    This has gone on for some time now. I was able to get a credit supervisor to put a do not call on my record. However, I continue to receive bills and collection notices from Sprint in the mail. I'm actually quite concerned they are going to put a mark on my credit record.

    So watch out - their trial offer might give you more trials than you expected.
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    Originally posted by pstrasma
    Just a warning based on my personally painful experience for those trying to use Sprints 14 day return policy.
    You've reminded me of my experience with Sprint. I bought a 270 on T-Mo and a 300 on Sprint at the same time to compare coverage, service, and data speed side by side. Loved the speed of Sprint's Vision...but their coverage was spotty and call quality was I returned the 300 and cancelled my Sprint service. Sorta. For the next 8 months, I received a bill from Sprint, telling me I didn't have to pay my balance of $0.00. I didn't call cuz I knew dealing with their customer service would be a time-consuming and annoying process, and figured eventually their system would stop printing me up phantom bills. But month after month the Sprint envelope arrived in my mailbox... I finally called and got cancelled for good.

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