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    When I first signed up for my data plan with AT&T, I showed my treo 600 to the guy at the store and said I wanted the 8 megabyte for $20/month plan. He said ok and said he signed me up for the 8 MB plan. Later I looked at my plan online at it shows 3 megabytes as the limit. So then I called up customer service, waited on hold forever, then the rep asked me what kind of phone I had. I told her a treo 600, and she said that PDAs only get 3 megabytes for $20! However, she said that since the rep at the store told me different she would switch me to the 8 MB plan.

    Of course their computers were down, so she said she would leave a note for them to switch me the next morning. Of course this never happened. Have they tried to force the 3 MB plan on anyone else? What exactly do I need to tell them to make sure I get 8 MBs for $20, which is already ridiculously expensive?
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    If you switched in the middle of your monthly cycle, then it's probably just prorated. The CSR was wrong. PDAs do not get only 3 MB for $20. When I was with AT&T, I was on the 10 MB plan for $30. I signed up in the middle of my cycle and it showed that I had about 4 MB available. During the next monthly cycle, I had the full 10.

    What exactly does it say when you check it online? Does it say you have 3 MB available or that it is the "AT&T WIRELESS MOBILE INTERNET PLAN 3 MB" specifically (which should be less than $20)?
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    I'm on the 8M plan and it's an 8M plan based on what I saw on my account page. Of course, I just switched last cycle and haven't looked this cycle to see what it says... I got confused because I moved from the 4M to the 8M plan and they had both listed. Told them I didn't want 12M, just the 8M. That's when they told me it was prorated and that was how it had to be listed.

    I hate how they've changed their billing lately. The past year has been horrible. Too bad they've got the best digital service in the areas I travel. Too bad TMobile supports this area, but only through Cingular, not via their own plans... Oh well...

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