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    Sounds like the new upgrade offer from Handspring allows a person to choose a T-mobile optimized unit or a unlocked GSM model.

    Does anybody see a good reason to get the optimized unit? Optimized sounds more like "restricted to our network" than faster performance.

    Not that I'm an expert ... but with the competitive market for GSM (TMO, Cing and ATT) voice and data costs should continue to improve. Seems to me that the unlocked unit should be the first choice.
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    I have used both unlocked an optimized T600's on the T-mobile network and can say unequivocably that there is no difference between the two noticeable to a laymen. There is no additional software on the T-mobile version, theere is no difference in the manner or speed of the connection. There seems to be no difference at all. Makes me think the holdup was something other than optimization of the device itself.

    Obviously the T-mobile optimized version comes locked to the T-mobile network. You cannot roam internationally or use a pre-paid sim card with a locked phone. But I received an unlock code from T-mobile 24 hours after I purchased the phone from them and requested the code. They were not stingy about unlocking the device! But I ahve been a long-term customer. I think I read somewhere else on Treocentral that new customers must wait three months for the unlock code.
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    I just got off the phone with Handspring and they confirmed that the optimized T-Mobile Treo 600 will be UNLOCKED for existing T-Mobile account holders who are upgrading to the Treo 600.

    The optimized version supposedly has slightly faster data speeds according to Handspring. If it is truly unlocked, why not go for it? I'm pretty sure I will stay with T-Mobile anyway. But they DID say that it will be unlocked out of the box.

    I'm so excited! I finally ordered my Treo 600!

    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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    After reading posts here at treocentral and getting confused over the exact difference between the T-Mobile optimized version and the unlocked version, I called Palm/Hand. The rep insisted that if you were upgrading and already had T-Mobile, there would be absolutely no difference between the two phones whatsoever. Not even a logo difference. He insisted he saw both phones they're shipping and they're identical. Now you're saying you spoke with a rep that said the connection rate would be faster? Lovely. You'd hope they could just get their info straight. Also, if there really is NO difference, I'm shooting myself for not having purchased the Cingular unbranded version months ago.
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    I ordered unlocked yesterday for few reasons

    1) I'd rather not deal with unlocking the phone at a future date.

    2) If, between now and March, it becomes obvious that the optimized is the better choice, I'll change my order.

    3) I am not the data-meister. A slight change in speed will not be the end of me. I will probably try and use the unlimited WAP connection for data anyway.

    4) If you were PalmOne and you had to order a boat load of units for delivery this Spring, would you want to be stuck with a bunch of TMO Optimized units in inventory or a bunch of generic units that can be used across all various networks? I'm tired of waiting and I don't want to hear "we are out of stock at this time".

    Thanks to all who voiced their thoughts.

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