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    they shut mine off today, I had to change the service to subscribe to the T-Mobile Internet at $19.99 a month.

    They told me I'd found a "hole in the system" but that they'd found it also!
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    Even though T-Zones is offically limitless (they do not track data volume fo billing purposes), or so they say on their website:

    Plan Price(per month)

    Unlimited t-zones $4.99
    (includes unlimited Internet e-mail and Mobile Web content)

    they are obviously unhappy with the volume you were using or the price they were getting for it......

    They got me to shift to T-Mobile Internet by making T-Zones unstable and /or unavailable a few times a week. Interestingly, T-Mobile Internet $19.99/mo. never seems to falter (after a shaky start in late December).

    I am wondering if there is any technical diference in the T-Mobile Internet from the T-Zones Pro (only $9.99/mo.) With the $19.99 plan I can get to secure websites. Anyone using T-Zones Pro on a Treo 600 and getting to secure sites?

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