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    Hi All,
    I've made up my mind to get a treo 600, but I'm confused as to which provider to go with.
    I live in Long Island and travel mostly to Massacusettes, Los Angeles, and Florida; never out of the country.
    I have regular Sprint PCS service now and haven't been real impressed with the coverage, although that might just be as good as it gets.
    Any advice?
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    I always recommended using the money back guarantee periods to the last day possible. I bought the Treo 600 with Sprint and it works great everywhere except work. Its really too bad too.

    "Sprint doesn't guarantee coverage inside buildings."

    That's the line they feed me when I called in to report the bad signal. Anyway, Cingular's coverage map is insanely huge these days. I doubt you'll see anything better with Sprint. The antenna is probably bigger, but maybe not enough to get around the issues you are having. Good luck with your choice.

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    I have Cingular And I Love It. Everyone I Know With Sprint Hates It.
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    What part of Mass do you travel to? Western Mass has **** poor coverage but around boston has fine coverage.

    I love T-mobile for the good coverage, cheap data plans, and GPRS (while not as fast as vision, i can recive phone calls while surfing the web instead of them getting forwarded into voice mail!)

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    Originally posted by mike21111
    I have Cingular And I Love It. Everyone I Know With Sprint Hates It.
    It's the Guy Who Only Writes Headlines. What's up with your capitalization there, duder?

    bigredgpk -- you should check out this thread for good points on differences between GSM (Cingular's network) and CDMA (Sprint) service. They're talking about T-Mobile vs. Sprint, but it's basically the same thing.

    In short, though, coverage in the northeast is basically indistinguishably similar between one carrier and the next. Go with GSM service if you like good battery life and fancy features, go with Sprint if you want faster data. That's about it, really. I mean, that's it minus all the things I'm forgetting or don't know about.
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    Originally posted by mike21111
    I have Cingular And I Love It. Everyone I Know With Sprint Hates It.
    Ditto here. And I'm in L.A.
    AT&T Wireless sucked so I left!! 2,370,000 ATTWS customers left in Q1 (2004) and I'm proud to be one of them!
    AirTouch Cellular => L.A. Cellular => AT&T Wireless => Cingular Wireless
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    Well, I've been shopping around for the past couple weeks comparing plans.

    To be honest, I would have with with Sprint if I wasn't stuck in a contract with Cingular. The main reason I wanted a Treo was for data. Sprint has the best pricing for the data plan in my opinion. Cingular has fee's set up by MB. I'm paying 15 a month for 5mb on Cingular's Edge network. For that same 15 dollars, Sprint is unlimited.

    However, in my area (metro Detroit) the Cingular Network has far better reception than Sprint. This however is just based on conversation with Sprint vs. Cingular users that I know.

    Really take a look at the plans, coverage maps, and think about what you are going to be using it for.

    I've been a happy Cingular/Ameritech customer for over 9 years. Up until this point, I've had no problems. Yet, NO ONE in Cingular know's how to support the Treo.

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