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    So I guess I am a big dummy because I bought a treo 270 on ebay for use in my area (Central Illinois). I didn't want to commit the $569 for a Treo 600 until I felt like I would use all of the Palm related features.

    Well I didn't do thorough enough research and now find that Cingular in my area is GSM 850/1900 Mhz. The Treo 270 is a 900/1900 Mhz compatible phone. When I turned on the unit with my SIM it searched the network and found AT&T. I can make calls and receive calls but not use the GPRS services.

    What I am wondering is what are the implications/ramifications of using a 900/1900 Mhz GSM phone in my 850/1900 Mhz area? Is there an issue with using the phone?

    Should I just step up to the 600? Since that uses all frequencies?

    Thanks I am new to this.
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    The GSM in North America is 1900MHz, so I think you are OK. Here is an explanation:

    and a FAQ:

    The reason you got AT&T might be that your using an AT&T SIM and your phone is locked to the AT&T service. So you will probably need a contract with them to activate the data services.

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    hate to break it to you partner, but 850 mHz has been used in the USA for about, oh, 20 years. Although it has been historically used for analog, it also has been used for TDMA and CDMA. Most recently, both Cingular and ATT wirlesss have been deploying GSM at 850 mHz. T-Mobile only owns 1900 mHz licenses, but it appears as though they are allowing some roaming onto GSM 850. Long story long, GSM 850 and 1900 are both up and running in the USA. has a nice zipcode breakdown of licenses and who runs what on them.
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    Yep, you're right there. I was just referring to what I've read on US GSM stuff. The PalmOne specs say:

    850/900/1800/1900 MHz world phone

    for the Treo 600 and:

    - 900/1900 MHz world phone

    for the Treo 270 and the definition of a true "world phone" is often refers to a tri-band phone, but of course there is no standard for this.

    So are there zipcodes/areas that only offer 850MHz GSM and not 1900MHz GSM? In the words of Johnny Carson, "I did not know that!"
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    There are definately areas where any given provider has only a 800 mhz license and may not allow roaming on a 1900 mHz carrier

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