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    I'd like to start a discussion of ways other Tmo users have aquired working T600's on Tmo's network. The ones I'm aware of are:

    -Buy an unlocked T600 (such as the Cingular model) and just activate it on Tmo

    -Be a "corporate account" and get yours before anyone else

    I'd like people to talk about their creative solutions to this customer service disaster. For instance, since the Unlocked T600 isn't "optimized" for Tmo's network, will their be data speed lags? Can anyone with a technical background confirm or deny this issue? Coming from a technical background myself, I could see how this migt be true, but i can't shake teh feeling that they're just saying this to keep us from jumping ship. It sounds like a load of bull, but I'm not sure...

    Also, coportae accounts, can you think of a way for us consumers to wrangle a T600 by faking a corporate account or something. If Tmo isn't carrying the T600, they are only supporting it and all sales have to go through Handspring, shouldn't I be able to buy a Tmo T600 through handspring? I don't understand why I can't get one- they exist and corporate accounts have them, why do I have to wait for the "consumer launch" to jsut go buy one from Handspring in the end anyway?

    Does anyone have any other creative solutions to this- I've almost given up on hoping for the $400 price.... that will be the regular price by the time Tmo releases it, I'd rather actually have one and just pay $600.
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    palmOne now says taking orders for T-Mobile-compatible TREO 600s in mid-February - that's a couple weeks - why worry about any other manner of T-Mobile access at this point?
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    I've been waiting too long for T-Mo's T600! Just ordered the Cingular one from Handspring - to appease myself I'm convincing myself and the wife that rollover minutes are more useful than unlimited GPRS access.
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    I hope somebody comes up with a workaround. I was all set to order the T600 on Monday (2/2), but now it looks like it's highly unlikely.

    I have a 180 and the screen is cracked and I can only view a quarter of the screen.

    I'm thinking of going back to a 'normal' phone and dusting off my Visor Deluxe. I can't believe I'm going back to having two devices. ARRRGGH!!!
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    MoseGiganticus> Also, coportae accounts, can you think of a way
    MoseGiganticus> for us consumers to wrangle a T600 by faking a
    MoseGiganticus> corporate account or something.

    Two problems with this:
    1 - It is fraud
    2 - They only had a very small # of T600's and many are still waiting

    SeldomVisitor> palmOne now says taking orders for T-Mobile-
    SeldomVisitor> compatible TREO 600s in mid-February - that's a
    SeldomVisitor> couple weeks - why worry about any other
    SeldomVisitor> manner of T-Mobile access at this point?

    I don't mean to be rude, but this attitude sounds gullible to me.
    It was only a week ago when that same site claimed orders will
    be taken starting Feb. 2nd. Why would ANYBODY accept this
    latest posted date as reliable at this point given the continually
    "updated" dates.

    That said, the primary reason I can think of for waiting is for that oft-discussed discount. I should comment, here, that a month ago I had a conversation w/ a T-Mo CSR and explained my frustration. After diverting his attempts to sell me on the promise of a Motorola SmartPhone coming "RSN", he checked w/ his Tier 2 counterpart and agreed to extend the rebate to me as a current (over a year) customer. So, folks waiting might want to pursue pushing T-Mo for that rebate and help avoid having to pay the full price of an unlocked GSM T600 (from Cingular for instance).
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    hi. I was sick of waiting for a backordered 1034NA (north american GSM version) so I ended up buying the 1034EU (International) version from

    I placed my order on Tuesday, January 20th and had it in hand on Tuesday, January 27th (including 2nd day Fedex shipping).

    My total cost was $560.02 + 17.53.
    It's definitely an option for those of you, like me, who can't wait.

    It works like a charm on T-Mobile - no problems at all thus far!


    hmm... I just checked shopblt and it looks like they raised the price... I guess demand is increasing...
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    Yeah, now that's what i'm talking about. The price is still $560 for teh North American version, but they are recommending the international verison due to high demands on the other. the International is a little pricier.

    Thanks for the tip.
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    Darn, now that website has an update on the status of ordering an International version.

    "UPDATE: Handspring has sold out of this item and is expecting them to be available near the beginning of March."

    I just can't win
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    I have used a test Treo 600 for a few weeks and I have noticed no problems so far. Everything appears to work great, speeds are good, sound is good...

    and this is a treo 600 that has been around since before ANYONE released it. I'm more inclined to think the issue has something to do with the unlocked aspect of the beast then a "software" problem.

    Besides software can be updated without a problem via OTA or through downloads. I can't see a patch being the issue

    and last "offical" release date I was given is 2/2 from and its already being released through business channels

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