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    I have a GSM Treo 600. On a recent business trip to Mazatlan, I was able to get my phone to work on the Mexican GSM network by activating "International Roaming" through my provider, AT&T Wireless. Of course, it is expensive to do it this way ($1.30 per minute!) and I am looking for a cheaper alternative.

    So, if I get my phone unlocked, can I get a GSM SIM from another country and just pop it in my Treo to get local GSM service in the foreign country at more reasonable rates? The cellphone provider I talked to in Mexico (Movistar) said that they do not do this, but I wasn't confident in the person I spoke with since she also said that there is no Mexican GSM network even though I had been using it from my phone for a couple of days already! Are there providers in the US that will lease you a foreign SIM?

    Part of my job takes me to many different places around the world. What's the best way to go about getting reasonable worldwide service wherever there is a GSM network?

    Thanks in advance,
    Mike (aka work2fish)
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    In theory any unlocked phone should be able to use any carrier's sim card.
    I know in europe you can buy pre paid cards to use on your phone, but of course you will have a different number.
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    I am on my way to London next month and picked up a prepaid sim card on Ebay UK from O2 cellular for about fifteen dollars and bought about twenty dollars worth of air time on a prepaid voucher. It took less than 5 business days to get the sim card and voucher. Of course this is a UK cel. number. Also, you check the cellular provider's website because prepaid cellular in Europe have different prepaid plans and you need to choose the one that suits you.
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    Thanks for the tips! I also did some further research and found a good site that explains the issues/benefits of GSM phones and covers my general questions:

    and this company also sells prepaid SIMS for a variety of foreign networks which is discussed on their main page:

    I also am still interested to find if there are other vendors that provide these SIMS and if anybody can relate their experience in using Telestial (or other vendors) for this purpose...

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    I have used telestial sims in my Timeport in the UK, Greece, Germany, Spain, Slovakia and Mexico with no trouble. They are a bit pricey, but reliable.
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    Originally posted by Felipe
    In theory any unlocked phone should be able to use any carrier's sim card.
    I know in europe you can buy pre paid cards to use on your phone, but of course you will have a different number.
    Words for the wise and cautious from my experience ...

    1) Cingular Treo 600s are unlocked. My Cingular Nokia 6340i is locked and Cingular will not unlock it. Cingular SIMs only.

    2) ATT locks all of its handsets. You will not be able to use a non ATT SIM with an ATT handset.

    3) T-Mobile Treo 180 and 270s were shipped locked. T-Mobile will provide an unlock code. My 270 was locked and T-Mobile was unable to unlock it. They did an exchange and I now have an unlocked 270 that has been tested with ATT as well as T-Mobile.

    T-Moble will unlock any handset that is not in it's promotional or subsidized period.
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    Don't bother pre-buying a SIM for over seas use.

    When you arrive at your destination just pick up a pre-paid sim at the airport magazine shop. Or, you could go into the city and get one at a "tabacco" shop or at the carier specific shops. These options will cost less and allow you to find a carrier with the lowest rate to call home with.

    Any GSM SIM will work in the Cingular (unlocked) treos. I was just in Paris this week and had an Orange SIM. Last time I used SFR. I liked the cost and service better with SFR in France...
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    I traveled in China last summer with my T270 and T-Mobile service. I activated International Service with T-Mobile prior to departure, and used my T270 (via T-Mobile) in China flawlessly. Surly the "International Roaming" costs money, but I had all my contacts with me (using original SIM card from home), and I believe it paid off in the long run.
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    We use this card for some of our frequent travelers; they prefer to pay for this SIM card rather than dealing with roaming charges (and some of the places they go to charge $4.99/minute). The card is expensive, but they like it.

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