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    Anyone had a 180 that was on T-mobile and switched to Cingular?
    I sent in for an unlock code from T-mobile, which they sent me the wrong one the first time. The second one they sent me does not seem to unlock the phone. All I get is "Sim Lock has NOT been removed". But here is the catch, I already closed my T-mobile account and have my new Cingular card. When I put the Cingular card in it lets the phone regisiter with the T-mobile network but not the Cingular. When I search for avaible Networks all I can see is the T-mobile and Cingular networks (that's all). Another GSM phone I have lets me see AT&T's, but my Treo 180 does not. Does this mean that the phone is still locked? After 3 days on the phone with T-mobile trying to insure my phone is unlocked they said that it was a Cingular Network issue and not a T-mobile problem and hung up on me. Yep that's right they hung up on me.

    Can someone who has a Treo180 that is unlocked put in your unlock code again and let me know what you get? Do you get "SIM Lock has NOT been removed"?

    I still think my phone is locked which is why it want let me register with the Cingular Network. But the reason that it is registering with the T-mobile network is because of the roaming aggrements between the 2 carries (basiclly if you don't have coverage for one then you can use the other).

    Anyone have any ideas?????? I'm about to pull my hair out!
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    I'm in the same boat -- did you ever figure out what to do with your pda?
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    Ok after many discussions with Cingular, T-mobile, and Handspring I have mine working, sort of. This may be way more information then you want or you may already have found all this out on your own, so I'll just try and start from the begning and we'll go from there.

    1) Do you know what Cingular coverage you have in your area, 850MHz, 1900MHz, or both? Cingular's GSM network is 850/1900MHz. Since the T180 is 900/1900MHz it will only work with their 1900MHz network.

    This is where the "sort of" above comes. After much research I've found that Cingular and T-Mobile have roaming aggreements. Which means that you may have Cingular's SIM card in your phone but your phone is operating on T-Mobile's Network. This is basiclly what I am doing. Cingular stated that they have 850 and 1900MHz coverage in my area but no-one at Cingular could confirm or tell me that the 1900MHz coverage in my area was Cingular's towers and not T-Mobile. I would bet that when they say they have 1900MHz coverage in my area they mean that I am able to use T-Mobile's towers. If you only have 850MHz coverage in your area through Cingular, this means that they have not released the 1900MHz roaming agreements with T-mobile in your area, but I doubt this would be the case.

    2) When you search for avaliable networks which networks do you see. Which version of GPRS will determin how they come up.

    If I remeber correctly Cingular's version of GPRS you will see all or some of the following:

    If you have AT&T's version you should see:
    Cingular Extended - (note actually T-Mobile's)
    Cingular Extended - (note actually AT&T)

    3) What version of GPRS do you have on your phone? I've run the Cingular version and the AT&T version downloads from Handspring. I think I currently have the AT&T version of GPRS on my phone. Basiclly it boils down to what do you want your phone to say when it's using T-mobile's network, Cingular Extended or T-Mobile. Either way coverage will be the same.
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    how did you unlock your phone after t-mobile didn't help? Because my phone only reads sos service only when i insert my cingular simcard
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    Which networks do you see when you search for avaliable networks? Do you know which GPRS verision you have, Cingular, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc...? I assume that your phone reads SOS service all the time, no matter where you are, at work, home, on the road, etc...? If so it doesn't sound like your phone is locked but rather the coverage in your area may not have 1900MHz. I would ask cingular which coverage you have in your area 850 or 1900MHz or both. You'll need to talk to a tech. person not the sales person. Also you might try installing the AT&T GPRS update off the handspring site. So far this one seems to work the best for me, Cingular and AT&T are both 850/1900MHz.

    Well actually it turned out that my phone was already unlocked, or so I think. T-mobile basiclly said that since I could put another SIM card in and it did not ask for the unlock code meant that the unit was unlocked. But when I entered the unlock code in I would always get back "SIM lock has not been removed from the device." Seems like to me that if it was already unlocked then it would say something like "SIM lock has already been removed." Anyway only way to insure that it's unlocked is take it to AT&T or another carrier (ie not T-Mobile and Cingular since they share roaming aggrements) and put in their SIM card. I just went to the AT&T store and the guy let me plug in an AT&T SIM card. If it comes up and registers on another carrier's network then it is unlocked. If it ask you for the unlock code then it's locked. Mine regsitered on AT&T's network so this meant that it was unlocked. If you bought your phone from T-Mobile just call them up and ask for the unlock code. They'll send you an email with 24hrs. I stongly suggest confirming the IMEI number with the your account because they sent me the wrong code the first time, IMEI number in the email did not match with my phone. They then said that it would be another 30days before another unlock request could be sent to me, becuase they only allow 1 unlock code to be sent per-phone in a 30day time period. After talking to 2 managers letting them know they sent me the wrong one in the first place I had my unlock code that matched my IMEI number with in about 24hrs.
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    Interesting discovery about the 180.

    I also have T-Mo branded 270 (through eBay). I bought a separate T-Mo SIM card (through eBay) for my 270 thinking that it was going to be used by a family member. Anyway, I never activated the new T-Mo SIM card as they did not want the bulk of the Treo vs their existing Nokia phones.

    When I put the active T-Mo SIM card in either the 270 or 180 and search for networks, I only see T-Mobile.

    When I put the unactivated T-Mo SIM card in the 270, I only see T-Mobile as the provider (although it momentarily displayed Cingular).

    When I put the the unactivated T-Mo SIM card in the 180, I see T-Mobile and AT & T.

    Both of my phones are unlock as I have travelled outside US to Asia and used pre-paid SIM cards, they worked with no problems.

    I did call T-Mo Customer Service for an unlock code which they have indicated that they will give to me prior to a day prior to my departure by calling me. I did not understand that requirement at all.

    Of course, T-Mo never called, so I called them the day prior to my departure and complained. The customer service was apologetic and spent time to walk me through the process although they said not to run the unlock process until I am actually out of the US. It turned out I did not even need the unlock code.

    There are other threads on this site specific to unlocking 180's. Please refer to the Treo 180/270 Hardware postings. Some had success and some not.

    From this experience, you could say, your mileage may vary.

    Working it out patiently with your provider and escalating your issue to the next level, usually a manager or supervisor will help resolve problems (sometimes!). Patience is the key to switching providers. My family had extensive and long drawn out troubles switching from AT & T to Verizon with their Nokia phones.

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