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    I just got my Treo600 with Sprint in Chicago. The service (reception) stinks! I've had AT&T (digital, NOT GSM), and am so used to clear reception, no static, no "breaking up" on the phone.
    I've heard AT&T GSM phones aren't great, especially in Manhattan. I travel quite a bit, and can't afford to not get good service in NYC!. I want to switch carriers. HOw is T-Mobile GSM service? Decent reception? Worth the wait? I've not heard good things about Cingular either. The odd thing is I have friends w/ Sprint phones that have GREAT reception...and am told it is because they are dual band. I'm stumped. Just want to be able to have a 600, but need my clients to hear me/hear them!
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    Sprint is a dual band phone, but not dual mode. It doesn't support analog, which your friend's phones might. Cingular has the best coverage map of all the GSM carriers in the US. AT&T has the same coverage, but thats because they roam on Cingular. The only real way to tell how it works is to take advantage of the money back guarantee period of 14 days with Sprint and take it around to all of the places you usually go.

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    I suppose that if you have low friends in high places (or is it the other way around?...), ask to borrow their phones and check for the best reception. Of course the phone will all have to have different carriers. Here I use T-Mobile and it works great, indoors as well.
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    I have T-Mobile (Treo 270 & Morotola 722i) as well as Cingular (older Nokia and Ericsson both TDMA) I can walk about anywhere with the Cingular but the T-Mobile has terrible coverage indoors. T-Mobile response is that they dont have any standards they offer for indoor coverage... I lose signal as soon as I walk thru the door. I need to walk to a window to even make a call to call usstomer service from home.

    As bad as I want the 600 when/if T-Mo ever gets it out to the little people, I am considering other options. Does anyone know, is the signal loss related to GSM/GMRS in general or a coverage issue? I do not know anyone with a GSM Cingular or Sprint phone to use. I live near Atlanta Ga in the Stone Mountain area.

    Thanks for your help...
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    Although I can't directly comment on coverage in NYC, I can say that my experience with my T600 on Cingular has been great! I believe Cingular has agreements with both AT&T and T-Mobile, so I can use both of those networks without roaming charges. Therefore, there have been very few places that I haven't been able to get a signal. I have traveled back and forth from DC to Harrisburg, PA to Boston, MA and haven't had any problems getting a signal. I have had good experience both indoors and outdoors coverage. I also had real concerns about Cingular going in, but their GSM system seems to be a whole lot better then their TDMA system if any of the stories about their TDMA system are correct. I've never used Sprint, but I would say that Cingular is definitely worth a look.
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    Depending where you are, carriers that are implementing the 800 (850mhz) band are going to allow for better building penetration. Has something to do with the wavelength and is way over my head. 850 is better than 1900 in that respect. AT&T and Cingular are migrating most of their rural towers to 850 because it gives a better range and their old TDMA towers are in the 800 band and they don't require new FCC contracts for 1900.

    I've heard that Cingular has more 850 towers than AT&T in most places. I believe though that both are installing towers with both capabilities. So, when you go in a building and lose 1900, you'll pickup 850.

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    In Hawaii, TMobile is great. I travel to Washington DC and Virginia for work, and it works well over there.

    I had no problems in Washington state and southern California.

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    I just got back from a trip to NYC and my AT&T GSM T600 worked like a champ!
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    I was in NYC last week. T600 (T-Mobile) worked well, except in the deep interior of our office building, where nothing wireless works
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    I am going to bring my unlocked UK Orange Treo 600 to Philadelphia. Which Pay as you go GSM provider is best for coverage or price?

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