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    Well the GPRS has been down for almost a day and a half. You can connect with T-Mobile Internet and the now infamous WAP connection but you're dead in the water. No email... no web sites. T-Mobile's GPRS has become most unreliable for me... failing at what seem to be the most critical moments.

    To top it off, it seems the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing at T-Mobile when you call to report such outages. Last week the system was down regarding the myemail server. When I called them about it I had to go the whole deal of giving information, being put on hold and finally getting to a tier 2 wireless specialist, to whom I had to explain the whole story again, who then checked his data base to discover.... YES THERE IS AN ISSUE!!!!!! (Sound familiar?)

    Why in the hell can't they communicate to the tier one folks about the issue so they can let you know and then be done with it. Furthermore, why can't they send a text message with notification of the downed system (as they did last week over the myemail server issue) so we can know what's going on.

    This is frustrating enough being at home/work and having access to my desktop and laptop. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for a business man traveling and needing to really count on the wireless capabilites of the Treo.

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    I'm so glad to read your posting... I've felt like I've had a half a Treo since yesderday afternoon (when the GPRS went down).

    The two techs I spoke to didn't have much of a clue... It took forever for them to consider that it might be on their end.

    I explained that I got assigned an IP address and DNS server, and I could ping the DNS server and get other sites ( to resolve, but couldn't ping them, so it was most likely on their end.

    Finally, they escalated up yet another level, and then he came back and said... "oh yes, there's something going on system-wide, no estimated time to repair yet."

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    it is back up for me.
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    Yeah... its back up for me too. WAP came up first about an hour ago followed by T-mobile Internet about 45 minutes later. I wonder if all this might be connected with attempts to close the WAP backdoor? :-)
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    Mine has just been hanging at "Signing On". Then says "The GPRS connection has failed or is not installed" or such. Still. T-mobile didn't know anything about it.
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    Down, Up, Down, Up

    It's back up here.

    Yesterday, when was down (T-Mobile Internet), you _could_ get on T-Zones.

    This morning, they were both down for awhile... and seem to be back now.
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    Ack, I'm still not able to connect to any Web site or check my e-mail.

    I'm wondering if T-Mobile finally closed the free-internet loophole <sigh>

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