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    OK, I don't trust coverage maps. I have to choose between Sprint and ATT service so I can buy a a Treo 600 (gotta have it) because Verizon won't sell it. I live in NY and if I can't use Verizon it's a toss up between ATT and Sprint, but I want my email in Big Sky next month. I suspect ATT is more likely to work with data, but... Naturally, I called the resort and they said Verizon was good. Anybody with personal experience on the others?
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    T-Mobile had coverage up there, I don't know about data or GPRS. ATT might roam on them there, but I don't know. Why don't you just call their customer service centers and ask? They can usually look up an address.
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    For GMS service, you can also try They use coverage maps, but they may not be provided by the carriers.
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    umm, t-mobile does NOT work up in big sky. At least not at the resort area or on the mountain. It does work (data too) down in the nearby town of bozman (or however you spell it). My whole family has tmobile, and all differant phones, and none of them worked till we left the big sky area. I was up there as recently as January 3rd. Last spring, we had att which did work, but i dont know if data worked. Verizon definately works up in big sky (the locals i met had verizon) but i am not sure about the data. Hope that helps
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    That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks.

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