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    You'll find this comment:

    "Allegedly, there was an issue sending MMS over T-Mobile's network. This is according to a Tier 2 guy who was replacing my Treo 270."

    On this thread:


    Can anyone using a Congular unlocked phone on T-Mobile comment?
    Enquiring minds want to know ...
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    i sent an mms, and they charged me the 25 cents.
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    I have no problems using MMS on the T-Mobile network. My phone is a Cingular model.
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    I also have had no problems receiving or sending MMS using T-Mo.
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    I can send and receive MMS messages. However, I do run into issuse with attachments sent from Outlook email clients on occassion. I'l get just the subject of the message and no text. MMS always works to the Treo from other phones and text-based email clients.
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    I'm using the Cingular version of T600 on the Tmo network. I'm able to MMS with no problems. Tmo charges me $0.25 for each MMS sent or received.
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    Originally posted by Alli
    I also have had no problems receiving or sending MMS using T-Mo.
    What are your MMS settings for Tmo?
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    Originally posted by jaytee

    What are your MMS settings for Tmo?
    No problems with sending and rec'ing MMS on my Cng phone on T-Mo.

    Auto delivery
    Confirm deletion

    Default settings: Automatic
    Treo 600 (Cingular)
    T-Mobile SIM w/T-Zones
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    Same settings here.

    I wonder why it has to switch over to T-Zones to send the MMS?
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    I have the same IP addresses but my Treo uses T-Mo internet not T-zones. I guess it doesn't matter which one as long as the MMS is routed to the correct IP address.

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