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    You can't buy the Treo 270 on the TMobile websit anymore.

    I guess they are getting ready to introduce the Treo 600?????

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    You can't get the 270 on the website, but you can buy them in the stores-at $249 with contract.

    They may be ready to bring out the 600, but they still have some 270s. A CSR told me that they may not have the 600 in store for up to 6 months. He said that is what happened to the 270
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    The Treo 270 was not sold in their stores till a year after it was released from the Handspring website.

    As for the Treo 180, that one was never offered at TMobile at all.

    I think Handspring worked out some deal with TMobile to have them market and carry the Treo 270, I guess as the market realized people desired smartphones over regular phones.

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    Just spoke with a Tier 1 Wirelesss Data Group rep. She had an internal memo that listed the Treo 600 being offerred for pre-sale at as of Feb 2nd with units shipping starting Feb 16th. It also mentioned the 1/15/2004 date for corporate customers sold through the corporate sales channel. I'm ready.


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    Perhaps the delay is becaue Tmo plans on offering the newer Treo6xx or whatever. I was waiting for the MDAII, but having a CSK at the moment, its tough to make a just decision as of yet.......

    Stick with CSK, move to newwer treo610(?) (means yet MORe waiting) or go with an MDAII............ hmmmmmm.

    Tmo data plan rules - cant beat it for a data device.
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    It's listed under Help -> Products

    even includes a link to an owner's manual .pdf.

    should be soon now...
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    I hope they are still going to offer that $399 upgrade deal.

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    My question is whether ATT will budge off its price for the phone and the data service.
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    Originally posted by TheZodiac
    Tmo data plan rules - cant beat it for a data device.
    It will be my first time signing up for T-mobile (as well as having a data device) - what kind of plan do you suggest I go with?
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    I just signed up for TMo for the first time myself. Actually dumped Cingular after 7 years....

    I got the regional plan, which is really priced well. $50 for 3000 anytime minutes, within your region. Doesn't include, unforunately, long distance or roaming, but for me, its all good. I don't roam and i don't call out of my region. And the unlimited dataplan for another $20, for a total of $70/mo is just incredible.

    The same from cingular would have cost over $300 a mo!

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    Feb. 8th... and still no sign from T-Mobile... sheesh! This is ridiculous!!

    Anyone hear of any news or updates?

    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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    Well, the latest _rumours_ had the date for pre-order from the Handspring site as 'mid-February'. That would still put us a week or so away. Of course, the way things are going, that could change at any moment.
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    Supposedly my 600 from TMO will arrive today. They shipped it friday from the corporate accts office. I have been a customer for 6 1/2 years and I did pay 499. My 270 got trottled by my 16 month old boy and the lid started coming off.

    I suppose it could be a week for the 399 upgrade, thats mid Feb. I am only curious if the retail release of the 600 has different firmware than the ones the corp office is shipping. The girl in the corp office is taking me to lunch on Feb 11th so I can show her why the Treo is so cool.

    One good thing, I did get 3.99/month insurance from TMO, wheras I am not sure I could have from Handspring. My 270 has made a few dents in the pavement so I suspect the 600 will too. 36 bucks a year doesn't sound so bad.

    Does anyone know what Handsprings out-of-warranty exchange price will be. It was like $170 on the T270.

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    Originally posted by computerfixitguy

    Does anyone know what Handsprings out-of-warranty exchange price will be. It was like $170 on the T270.

    dude, get the asurian insurance from t-mo.
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    It's here at last!

    Now we can finally pre-order the T-Mobile Treo 600! Any ideas what the T-Mobile "optimized" version will have vs. the unbranded GSM one? Personally, I'd rather have an unlocked one but am not sure what kind of extras the T-Mobile one will have.

    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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    What kinds of extras have previous (Sprint/AT&T/Cingular) branded Treos had?

    I just ordered an unbranded/unlocked GSM Treo 600 for $399 via the upgrade offer -- it just seemed like such a ridiculously good deal, I couldn't pass it up. Is it really possible that there could be anything extra on the T-Mobile branded unit worth caring about that much?
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    I live in Europe and am
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    Sorry about the earlier post - I accidentally sent it in to early.

    I live in Europe but have some friends using T-Mobile in the USA and am considering upgrading through this offer. My question would be

    a) is there some extra costs for a T-Mobile user when buying a Treo through this offer (like a data plan etc)

    b) is the Treo 600 for T-Mobile definitely unlocked?

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    Just a point of clarification to help people out when ordering the T600 for T-Mobile with an existing plan. You can opt for an unbranded version or the T-Mobile branded version. You might as well stick with the T-Mobile version, it is unlocked and they claim it to be optimized for T-Mobile. I just got off the phone with Handspring and they explained that only the T600 bought with a new service plan for T-Mobile comes SIM locked.

    Now I realize many of you will doubt the claims of the phone being "optimized", however what's the downside when both phones are sold unlocked.
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    Originally posted by RayUSA
    It's here at last!

    instead of black or gray, the phone will be pink.

    You will probably have a t-mo emblem on the phone and a t-mo sign in/out graphic.

    Hopefully you will have the latest model (didn't I see someone have c? but that was for sprint). Hopefully you will also have the latest firmware.

    Can they really "tweak" it so that the speeds are faster than a generic model? Maybe they were just waiting to solve the t-zone bug (someone reported that they no longer to log onto t-zon but there has only been one report.

    You know upto a couple of weeks ao I was going to buy a t-mo branded phone, but now I will probably not. The rumor of the 610 has got me holding the money. :-) if it doesn't come, I have $400 to spend.
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