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    I used to have a Seiman's S46 phone on ATT and would move the sim into my 270 and it worked fine. I have since moved on from that job and gave back the phone. I went in today and got a new sim from AT&T and it works fine in the Sony Ericsson phone (T266) but when I put it in the 270, it gives me this error:

    Event.c, Line 191, Event
    queue full

    I did a search on here and found that this could be problem with the SMS software so I did a hard reset just to rule out any software problems, but I'm still getting it. I can use the Sony phone, but that's the point of the 270, right?

    I'm not ready or able ($$$) to get the 600 yet, but I will sometime, until then, does anyone know why this wouldn't be working on this phone this time?
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    I finally figured this out, if anyone else is having this problem, I figured I would post the answer.

    I did a powerdown reset, which is basically a hard reset, but do not choose yes or no, just let the battery drain on that choice screen. I recharged and it works fine now.

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