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    If I have a GSM phone on Cingular, and I take the SIM card and place it into a Cingular Treo600, will it work automatically or is there something else that needs to be done?
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    Just put the sim card in and your good to go!
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    i have a siemens a56 (it's actually a new phone, got it a few days ago, and it is offered as the free phone with cingular plans now (1.5.2004), but i put an old simcard in it which is 1 year old). i want a new phone, and a friend of mine wants to go into family talk w/ me, i figure sure he can have my old phone (siemens a56), i'll get a new phone that i'd like, and switch out the simcards. i spoke with a service rep and she put the order through on a samsung x427 for me. but said that i can't switch the simcards in them because the simcard made for the samsung would fry the a56 cell phone. is that even possible or do they juswt not want me upgrading w/o their permission and paying upgrade fees? also, what happens if i put the NEW simcard (samsung x427 card) into an older phone, like a nokia 3390 (offered almost 2 years ago)? has cingular updated their simcards over the past year? what kind of things could i be missing out on if i use my old simcard in my newer phone? i'm really attatched to the number and am a huge bear about upgrade fees. any info would help VERY much!!

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    In most of Europe, folks by a GSM phone, and get a SIM for whatever wireless service provider they choose. GSM is a standard, with providers using one of only a few frequencies. When my daughter was living in Italy, her boyfriend had a couple of different SIM cards for two carriers. He kept one in his phone which held his primary phone number. Because calls are cheaper between two phones using the same service, he would swap cards before calling my dtr, who was on a different service. My point is that the SIM card is the phone's identity, and GSM cards work in any GSM phone. When my dtr was out of prepaid minutes, she would borrow her BF's SIM to put in her phone to make calls. The US and British wireless service providers' idea of putting their own name on GSM phones and locking these phones to their own systems is rather brutish, and I would never buy a locked phone (although I would accept one as a gift when signing my life away for a U.S. wireless service contract). I am happily using my T-Mo SIM in a Cingular-branded unlocked t600, but the chip works just as well in my Euro model SONY T-200, which I carried in Italy.
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