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    The CSD didn't give me the first quarter window, just "Soon", when they replied to a question this morning.
    "Thank you for contacting palmOne. We are only able to offer the CDMA Sprint
    version and the GSM Cingular and AT&T version of the Treo 600 at this time.
    Please continue to check back with us at,, as additional
    information regarding the other versions, including possible trade in
    promotions, will be released shortly. javascript:smilie('')Unfortunately there are no other
    pre-purchase programs for the other versions nor more of a specific release
    date for the other versions at this time.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to release a specific date in which the
    T-Mobile version of the Treo 600 will be available; however, we expect it to
    be sometime soon.javascript:smilie('')"
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    Originally posted by ToonFan
    If tmo will not be selling or fully supporting the 600, then P1 should re-introduce the $100 upgrade for those of us still using a Treo on tmo who have been waiting to upgrade and keep tmo.
    That's what I was told when I called HS two weeks ago: a $100 upgrade to previous treo owners for BOTH the Tmobile and the generic model.

    That's what I was told; it's not necessarily what I believe
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    200 units is SUCH a small quantity and the LACK of confirming news ANYWHERE I check is so total that I'm beginning to wonder if the TREO 600s being "shipped by T-Mobile" are their test units.
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    Maybe someone can enlighten me, I'm puzzled by all the users that are still concerned about missing out on possible optimizations that Tmobile may eventually apply to their treo 600.

    I'm using a Cingular branded Treo 600 with Tmobile and have experienced very few if any problems. My data rates are a little slow compared to some of the numbers posted by other GSM users but at this point I'm not sure if that doesn't have more to do with the traffic usage and the GPRS service in my area than it has to do with my phone. My wifes Samsung phone doesn't seem to be any better.

    If anything users should be relieved and encouraged with the early success that forum users have had in updating their Treos with the international 2.08 version of the firmware.

    At any rate I'm firmly convinced that at some point we will be able to apply a Tmobile specific firmware update to our Cingular or unbranded phones and take advantage of any optimizations that may be made in the future.
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    how is battery life after the upgrade?
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    AFter I pushed t-mobile I got the following response. So, anyday which can mean 3 months..

    Thank you for contacting palmOne, formerly Handspring.
    We are sorry for the delay that you have experienced in waiting for the
    T-Mobile Treo 600. We have been working with T-Mobile to get the Treo out as
    soon as possible. We are expecting it to ship early next year. We do not
    have an exact date to give you at this time. It should be any time now
    If you need further assistance please reply to this email or call

    Thank You,
    palmOne Customer Care
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    Originally posted by Felipe

    how is battery life after the upgrade?
    Hi Felipe,

    At this point like you I've held off the urge to upgrade, everything is working pretty well without it.

    As I've stated in my previous post others have reported success with the 2.08 International firmware upgrade. I will upgrade to the latest tmobile firmware as soon as it becomes available.

    I may even try the latest International version if I experience any problems others have encountered.

    I can't give you any first hand experience with your battery life question except to repeat what others have reported here which seems to be that GPRS speeds have been improved and battery life decreased with the 2.08 firmware.
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    I'm still waiting for T-Mobile after all. I've heard a lot of things from AT&T users in this area that say T-Mobile is the better choice. Still, this is a painful wait. On the bright side, maybe PalmOne will have upgraded the Treo 600 by the time T-Mobile finally gets it.

    Happy New Year everyone!

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