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    I currenlty use Sprint as my carrier for the Treo 600. The phone is awesome, but the reception and service seems terrible. I drop multiple calls a day.

    I am considering changing to another carrier and getting a GSM Treo600. Does anyone have any suggestions for the Chicagoland area? Perhaps GSM AT&T, Cingular, T-mobile?

    I also would like to use the wireless modem by use the usb cable. With sprint the unlimited vision seems to work well using programs such as pdaphone. Do the other carriers all use #777 and will I be able to use the Treo 600 as a wireless modem?
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    You will need different settings for different carriers. Check out GPRS Script Generator at:

    for a handy app to do this.
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    While Sprint uses #777 to dial up Vision using Wireless Modem, to access T-Mobile Internet you would need to dial *9***1#. Everything else is pretty much the same.

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