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    So this is a wind-up right ?

    Originally posted by mrfred8
    "Everyone also know that only they are providing unlock code for treo 600"

    No thats false there are alot of places now selling the FREE UNLOCK that was developed by the efforts of this forum. And most places are selling it for alot less then $149. Of Course FREE is better, and you can get the unlock for FREE.
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    Definetly gsmlocker is a big thief who stole other people's work without their permission.

    He is not only a theif ,also his price seems astromics.
    most time he sells free software over 50 USD...

    so what do you expect from this foolish guy who only knows to steal other people's work...
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    if cingular gsm treo 600 are delivered unlocked any sim card can be put in correct? how can i tell that my cingular gsm is indeed unlocked?
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    Recently, all the carriers had some sort of firmware update or update 'thing'... Will that prevent me from using this patch which was created before the carriers released this update? Also, if you had previously unlocked your treo, will using the carrier 'update' lock the phone again?

    Just wondering...
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    just wondering...why wont a nextel sim card work in my treo ? a tmobnile one worked just by popping it in but the nextel wont didnt find any network...
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    Nextel runs on the iDen network, not GSM. Eventhough they have a sim card in their phones, it is not a GSM sim card and will not work with any GSM phone.
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