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    I set up my 600 to use the get more speed proxy, but now it seems to go there (get more speed settings page) on every new blazer session.


    Is this a cookie problem?
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    I had the same problem over the weekend, and decided to experiment a bit.

    First, I turned the accelerator service switch on the page off, saved the settings by clicking the 'accept' button, then shutdown wireless mode.

    I then reactivated wireless mode, went back to the page, turned the accelerator service back on, and saved the settings again. This seemed to do the trick for me.

    The one thing I'm not quite clear on is whether the is actually a proxy server as opposed to a standalone image compressor program.

    I say this because if you switch on the accelerator service, and save the settings, Blazer's proxy server settings (hostname & port #) are not saved. I had assumed that the page was simply a user-friendly interface T-mobile created for subscribers to enter the proxy settings into Blazer.

    Can anyone shine any light on this?
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    Thanx for the reply.

    Sunday I tried to log onto by business web site to get an old email. When I tried to log on, it said I needed to activated cookies. Since Cookies were already activated I was perplexed.

    Deleted the Web Cookies file and was then able to log on. I have gotton the get-more speed page only once so far.

    My web cookies file was huge at 361K. This seems huge to me for some reason, but maybe not.
    On the road to 5,000 posts
    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.

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